Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai


Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai

The Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai SIP healthcare intercoms stand at the forefront of innovative solutions tailored to diverse environments such as home-based care, nursing homes, and indoor facilities.


Fanvil Y501-YE SIP Intercom Dubai

The Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai SIP healthcare intercoms stand at the forefront of innovative solutions tailored to diverse environments such as home-based care, nursing homes, and indoor facilities. Engineered to address the exigencies of emergency communication, security protocols, broadcasting needs, and beyond, these intercoms set new benchmarks in healthcare communication standards.

Featuring state-of-the-art functionalities, the Fanvil Y501-YE intercoms excel in high-definition audio capabilities, accommodating up to 2 SIP accounts to bolster versatility and connectivity. The detachable DSS keys not only add convenience but also offer ample customization options, seamlessly integrating into any healthcare environment. Moreover, with an IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating, these intercoms assure durability and reliability even in the most challenging settings.

The Y501-YE series introduces advanced connectivity options with built-in 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi (Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E), empowering users with faster and more stable networking capabilities. This feature not only enhances communication efficiency but also supports various healthcare applications requiring robust internet connectivity.

In terms of installation, the Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai offers flexible modes, including standard 86 box embedded and wall-mountable configurations. This versatility allows users to adapt the intercoms to their specific needs and spatial constraints. Whether seamlessly embedded within existing infrastructure or mounted on walls for easy accessibility, these intercoms ensure a smooth and timely healthcare communication experience.

Combining cutting-edge technology, robust design, and versatile installation options, the Fanvil Y501-YE Dubai SIP healthcare intercoms deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in healthcare communication systems. Whether in home-based care environments or nursing facilities, these intercoms serve as indispensable tools for facilitating efficient communication, enhancing security, and instilling peace of mind for both caregivers and patients alike. With their array of features and adaptability, they truly redefine the landscape of healthcare communication solutions.


  • Support audio codec G.722 and Opus.
  • Support specific 433MHz wireless button
  • Features 2 SIP accounts and 6 antibacterial material detachable function buttons
  • Support HD audio with codec G.722 and Opus
  • Built-in 2.4G&5G Wi-Fi(Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E)
  • Built-in 1 short circuit input/output interface
  • IP54 waterproof and dustproof
  • Support PoE power supply
  • Support wall mountable installation (Y501-Y/Y501W-Y) and 86 box embedded installation(Y501-Y-E/Y501W-Y-E)



  • 2 SIP Lines
  • Auto answer
  • HD Voice
  • PoE Enabled
  • Built-in 2.4GHz & 5G Wi-Fi(Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E)
  • Intercom function
  • External Power Supply (Optional)

Intercom Function

  • Support customized DSS keys
  • Support wireless button (Optional)
  • Network Time Synchronization
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • 2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n
    • 5G, 802.11 a/n
  • Action URL / Active URL


  • Narrowband Codec : G.711a/u, G.729AB, G.723.1, G.726, iLBC
  • Wideband Codec : G.722, Opus
  • Duplex intercom with Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) / Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) / Background Noise Estimation (BNE)
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Jitter Buffer up to 300ms
  • DTMF : In-band, Out-of-Band – DTMF-Relay (RFC2833) / SIP INFO


  • Physical : 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • WIFI : 2.4G & 5G (Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E)
  • IP Mode : IPv4/IPv6/IPv4&IPv6
  • IP Configuration : Static / DHCP / PPPoE
  • Wi-Fi Encryption : WPA /WPA2-PSK /802.X EAP
  • VPN : L2TP / OpenVPN
  • VLAN
  • LLDP
  • QoS


  • SIP2.0 over UDP/TCP/TLS
  • STUN
  • DHCP
  • IPv6
  • LLDP
  • PPPoE
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN
  • SNTP
  • TR-069

Physical Specifications

  • Y501-Y Series : 6 DSS buttons (Finish, Nursing, Assistant, Call,Dressing change, Infusion)
  • Up to 10 wireless buttons supported
  • Status indicator light : Red(registration failed、network anomaly)、Green(registration successful、call)
  • 1 RJ45 port
  • 1 short circuit input interface
  • 1 relay : NC/NO Contacts, Max DC30V/1A, AC125V/0.5A
  • Power : DC12V/1A or POE
  • Power Consumption (Adapter):
    • 0.94W~1.98W(Y501-Y/Y501-Y-E)
    • 1.42W~2.35W(Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E)
  • Power Consumption (PoE):
    • 1.48W~2.37W(Y501-Y/Y501-Y-E)
    • 1.99W~3.05W(Y501W-Y/Y501W-Y-E)
  • Housing material : ABS
  • 433 wireless button specification:
    • communication mode:FSK
    • working frequency:433MHZ
    • communication protocol:Ebelong1.1
  • Installation : Indoor installation
    • Standard 86 Box Embedded
    • Wall Mountable
  • Color : White
  • working temperature : -10 ~50 °C
  • Storage temperature : -20 ~ 50 °C
  • Relative humidity : 10% – 90%
  • N.W/CNT:3.97kg
  • G.W/CNT:4.4 kg
  • Equipment Dimension :
    • 87.56 x 87.56 x 30mm (Wall Mountable)
    • 87.56 x 87.56 x 21.5mm (86 Box Embedded)
  • Packing Dimension : 234x168x44 mm
  • Outer CTN Dimension : 356x245x254mm (10pcs)