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When you want to protect your home or business, one of the best way is using security cameras. You have to decide whether to go for the Analog CCTV (closed circuit TV), or modern IP cameras. If you are considering installing or upgrading video surveillance for your company or your home, understanding how different video surveillance systems work is critical to your making the correct decision.


Analog CCTV

analog Analog CCTV systems typically involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors, using wires and cables. Analog Cameras are connected back to the DVR for recording and Live monitoring. The modern day dvr includes network connectivity that enable the device to live stream the video over the network. The live streaming can be viewed on a remote pc with na management software or any Mobile devices.



IP CCTV Camera

IP Camipcamera is a digital camera designed for surveillance, and which can be viewed via the Internet. IP cameras are connect to your wireless network or Ethernet. The video stream will be recorded on a centralised NVR. You can monitor multiple cameras at different locations from a PC or Mobile Device via the Internet.

IP camera-based systems are the future of video surveillance. In the short term can be a bit ‘more expensive, but it is obviously an investment in flexibility and superior quality. As the surveillance technology of the future, is not passing a surveillance system based on IP camera anytime soon. You will be able to update and improve this system for years to come, while the old systems become obsolete.

CCTV Security Products and Brands

We offer a wide range of CCTV Products, IP Cameras, DVRs, Wireless Cameras and Wired CCTV Camera. Types of CCTV products are Dome CCTV Camera, Bullet CCTV Camera, C-Mount CCTV Camera, Day/Night CCTV Camera, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera, Network/IP CCTV Camera, Wireless CCTV Camera, High-Definition HD CCTV Camera.We offer products from Samsung, Hikvision, Grandstream, Dahua, UNV, Hivision,Axis, CpPlus and Bosch.

Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance

  • Detect theft and internal fraud.
  • Discourage workplace violence and false accident claims.
  • Provide video evidence of specific events.
  • Help protect employees, clients, and customers with a safer work environment.
  • Remotely view live or recorded video.
  • Save time, energy, and money with intelligent digital video search tools.
  •  Nanny cam – keep an eye on your kids at home.
  • Keep an eye on your home when you are out of town.


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Evaluating your CCTV Surveillance Needs with Top CCTV Brands

Technology is all around us. It has fully grabbed our lives in one way or the other; now it is being used to detect what we are doing and what we are speaking through the tracking facilities and security cameras. It is true that the security surveillance is everywhere from the retail stores to office buildings and from the public parks to office rooms and it goes on. Now, these days we are waking up to the news of crimes and burglary all over. Whereas the rising incidents are causing great worry to the security of the business and human life as well. And as a measure to provide protection, companies prefer to install the advanced electronic surveillance – CCTV security at their workplace. It is now imperative for the business to implement right surveillance system if they wish to maintain a strong security plan. Proved to be an effective security measure, CCTV surveillance is good at improving the employee productivity too.

CCTV CamerasWhile it’s true that these increasing risks carry a great threat to your business, it remains a concern to look at it. Allowing the business to have a continuous watch into the activities happening around, CCTV security surveillance apparently is a good way to reduce these risks.

Whether it’s for the business or home, it is important to take practical security measures to diminish the threats – be it external or internal. In the wake of the rising concerns, it is worth investing in the advanced CCTV security surveillance. CCTV surveillance at the office ensures that the activities surrounded by the officials are maintained on at a decent level. To sum up, there are a whole lot of advantages available with the CCTV security systems.

Evaluating your CCTV surveillance needs 

CCTV is primarily a surveillance technology in which number of security cameras serves the prime purpose of capturing the in and out movements throughout. Once you have decided to implement the systems you should have a proper plan in mind in which it explains why the system is required, what benefits it brings to the business and so on. By keeping these in mind you can contact an experienced solution provider to get the CCTV system installed at your workplace or at your homes.

However some of the following criteria should also be taken into consideration

  • Purpose of the surveillance
  • What kind of activity to be monitored or recorded.
  • Determination of the areas requiring surveillance
  • Recognizing the number of cameras and their locations
  • Response required on detection of an event
  • Deciding up on the frame rate
  • Selection of cameras and the equipment’s
  • Operational procedures and the functions
  • Compression technique to be used
  • Requirement of the light sensitive cameras for discreet cameras

An experienced CCTV provider can finalize the evaluation requirements based on these criteria.

The reasons why the business choose CCTV surveillance may varied to the needs. Certainly it could be to monitor the activities, to prevent employee theft, keep an eye on things, protecting employees, to prevent crime, etc…. The main advantage of the CCTV surveillance is that each and every moment is captured in detail and it helps to reveal the truth in a mixed up situations too.

How The CCTV Security can be worthwhile to your business or homes? 

CCTV security being a prime security measure, major advantages you will get from the systems include

  • The presence of camera in the premises reduces fear of crime.
  • The presence of camera reduce vandalism
  • Reduce the probability of the shop thefts
  • Allows for the remote viewing from any part of the world
  • Assist in identifying the cause of happenings and minimizing the insurance claims
  • Well monitoring of the employee activities
  • Improving the safety of employees and work environment
  • Ensure your elder members and kids at home are safe.

Once the surveillance needs are established, the CCTV solution provider will design a tailor made solution for your security requirement. The multiple components that makes the total CCTV solution include the security cameras, recording devices such as the DVR or NVR, Video management software, mounting devices and much more.

With the advanced cameras being available in the market, depending on the surveillance need, you can evaluate these options too…

  • The requirement of night vision camera?
  • Requirement of PTZ functionality camera?
  • Need the combination of outdoor and indoor camera types?
  • Require camera with IR-cut filter functionality?
  • Wide angle capturing cameras?

And finally with the advantages the CCTV systems are offering, it has been suggested that it can make the business and home environment pleasant.