Clearone Video Conferencing System Dubai

As a Market Leading brand ClearOne is focused on developing cutting-edge conferencing and collaboration products. Clearone is well known for industry innovation, committed to incorporating the latest technologies into product lines. Claerone Video Conferencing System Replaces the old and expensive complex video conferencing systems with a better easy to use systems.Clearone Video Conferencing system offers a complete media collaboration solution to meet today’s diverse organizational demands for conferencing, collaboration, and communication.Clear One bring the traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing and cloud video collaboration into a single appliance for multi-site collaboration.Clear One Video Conferencing is suitable for both single-site and multi-site interactive collaboration. If you want to bring the b  recent technology enhancements to your conference room then Clearon is the best solution for your business video conferencing.

Clearone product range fulfills all the areas of professional video conferencing systems.ClearOne’s portfolio of industry-leading HD video conferencing solutions includes feature-rich VC room systems and desktop video applications, as well as enhanced network management and infrastructure solutions.With video conferencing becoming a necessity for most corporate, SMB, education and other organizations Clearone solutions fulfill the Video conferencing requirement of all business types.Clearone Video Conferencing System ensure Crystal clear, Full, High-Definition video, up to 1080p60 resolution ensures the remote sites see every detail, even when displayed on a large screen.

Spontania Cloud Platform Video Conferencing

The Spontania Cloud Video Conferencing Platform helps organizations to seamlessly connect their hardware between different locations. Along with this, it will allow you to collaborate with any platform of users whether it is Mobile, Desktop or any other third party video conference systems.


Spontania Cloud Video Conferencing Dubai

Spontania Cloud Video Conferencing Platform is the most powerful, feature-rich available in the market.Spontania brings all the benefits of visual collaboration within anyone’s reach–while removing the barriers of complexity and high costs.It helps business to collaborate with dozens to thousands of your users to collaborate in real-time, sharing high-quality voice, video, and data on any device they choose, from cell phones to standards-based group systems.ClearOne’s Spontania cloud service empowers customers to deploy video collaboration without the heavy burden of expensive infrastructure.

Clearone Video Conferencing System Models

Clearone Collaborate PRO300

Clearone PRO300

Clearone Collaborate PRO600

Clearone PRO600

Clearone Collaborate PRO600

Clearone PRO900

The New Clearone COLLABORATE Live Series

ClearOne brings new product portfolio for Video Conferencing market recently. Cleaorones commitment to customers for providing comprehensive video conferencing and collaboration experience lead the innovation of products called COLLABORATE Live. Collaborate live is a video meeting collaboration solution for empowering modern employees. It is categorized into 4 solutions.

The COLLABORATE Live introduced for more intelligent and productive functionalities to the meeting room. It is Designed for any business regardless of the size of the room. It feature, high-level video, audio, and an interactive whiteboard along with cloud support. The Clearone COLLABORATE Live is a rich combination of features with a highly customer friendly interface.  ClearOne’s collaboration allows room participants, room participants and Skype® for Business clients offering a great opportunity for any type of business.

The Clearone Collaborate is available in 5 product lines. The Product categories are COLLABORATE Live 200, COLLABORATE Live 300, COLLABORATE Live 600, COLLABORATE Live 900 and COLLABORATE Live 1000.

COLLABORATE Live 1000 – It is a Professional, Complete Video Collaboration solution designed with advanced Video And audio Technology. It is supplied with patented state of the art tile ceiling mic array, which suited for medium to large video meeting rooms. It supports Skype® for Business client, collaborates Space cloud web conferencing, and SIP/ H.323 video conferencing. It is packed with industries most advanced audio processor CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP mixer. The Clearone UNITE® 200 PTZ camera offer  12x Zoom and with 1080p60. Other advanced featured included interactive whiteboard, wireless presentation, streaming and recording

ClearOne Collaborate Live 900 – designed for boardrooms, Large conference rooms, training centers, and lecture halls. This Video Conferencing system features a comprehensive collection of components, including advanced audio DSP technology. COLLABORATE 900  offer Skype for Business capabilities along with  SIP/H.323 video conferencing, interactive whiteboard,  wireless presentations, and recording. The user interface is straightforward, and Audio DSP CONVERGE Pro 2 is included as standard. The ClearOne microphone with beamforming array ensures they support the adaptive audio of an entire room.

COLLABORATE Live 600: It is a  video collaboration/ Conferencing designed for medium size meeting rooms. It is offered with 12x PTZ Camera, Unite 200 and support COLLABORATE Space Cloud Conferencing and  Skype for Business. Moreover, it supports Standard  SIP/H.323 Video conferencing Protocols. The Clearone live 600 packed with other advanced features such as interactive whiteboard, Conference Recording, and wireless presentation.

COLLABORATE Live 300: The Clear one Live 300 is a small meeting room conference system high-quality audio and video collaboration. It is equipped with CHAT 150 speakerphone and 12x optical zoom 12x optical zoom UNITE 150 PTZ camera. It supports Cloud Video conferencing platforms such as Clearone COLLABORATE Space and Skype for Business.  SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing supports is standard in all clear one Video conferencing units. With Live 300 You’ll find everything you need for enhanced meetings, such as interactive whiteboard and wireless presentation.

COLLABORATE Live 200: It is an entry-level product in Collaborate Live lineup, which features ultra wide-angle video camera well suited for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms. It includes CHAT 150 and a 120-degree field of view UNITE 50 EPTZ camera. The camera also offers a 3x digital Zoom. Sky for Business Support, Clear one Space Cloud Meeting, and SIP/H.323 support is a standard feature in this device.