Mitel Telephone System

Mitel is the global leader that provides the kind of custom, sophisticated communications network which addresses the unique needs in the business world. The Mitel Networks Corporation is the telecommunications company that provides unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.  It is headquartered in Ontario, Ottawa and Canada with the offices, resellers and partners worldwide. Whether you are a medium, big or small business and you are trying to compete like the large company, Mitel delivers you all-in-one collaboration, communications and the contact center solutions which enable you to do more with less.

If your business or company is looking for a  way to move your system of communication to the cloud or to enhance your customer experience with new contact center or if you want to maximize the on-site investments with the blended technologies, so the Mitel has the technology that fits. Mitel’s comprehensive range of business phone systems provides a targeted call center, unified communications, and cloud communications solution to fit the requirements of all customers.

The Mitel previously produced the TDM PBX applications and the systems but after the change in the ownership in 2001, now it almost focuses entirely on the (VoIP) Voice-over-IP products. Mitel Fault & Performance Management software for Mitel business communications solutions. Whether you’re a small business trying to compete like a large enterprise or a large enterprise seeking the agility of a small business, Mitel delivers all-in-one communications, collaboration and contact center solutions you can own or subscribe to so you can do more with less.

Mitel MiVoice Business

With the MiVoice Business PBX System, your business possesses everything that it needs in the business phone system and an on-site unified communications. MiVoice Business is basically the business communication platform which delivers the messaging, mobility, conferencing, presence applications, collaboration and the voice.Its an  on-premise business phone system that has everything your organization needs to deliver great customer experiences.MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses from 5 to 130,000 users, in a single site or a multi-site network that spans the globe.

mitel mivoice business pbx dubaiSoftware running on Mitel Collaboration Service Appliances can be installed on industry-standard x-86 servers in a virtualized environment, which eliminates the need to support multiple appliances, especially for customers who choose a centralized UC deployment. The MiContact Center offer with Mitel MiVoice Business Business nurtures profitable customer relationships by phone, chat, and email. With Dynamic Extension, mobile devices act as an extension of the office desk phone. You will never miss a customer call. Web-Based Management ensures administrators can deploy a multi-platform MiVoice Business solution from their web browser as if it was a single platform solution.

It delivers the following key benefits:

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • A platform for success.
  • Comprehensive desktop Suite.
  • Fully integrated UC Suite.
  • Flexible Deployment

Mitel MIVoice Connect

Mitel MIVoice Connect is an on-site business phone system with the perfect union of communication and collaboration tools presented in one easy-to-use interface.MiVoice Connect brings together all of the communications and collaboration tools into one simple interface. Quickly and easily find contacts, check their availability and connect with them via phone, IM, video, desktop sharing or conference call, without having to open a separate window or log in to new applications.

mitel mivoice connect pbx system dubaiThe secret to frictionless and intuitive communication is the Connect client, which makes it easy to manage your call handling and collaboration tools. The intuitive user interface requires no VPN for teleworkers and lets you transition between desk phone, softphone and the Connect mobile app seamlessly.With MiVoice Connect, initial setup and ongoing management is far quicker and easier than other on-premises solutions. Connect Director delivers a “single image” view of your entire network, no matter how many phones or sites you manage.

MiVoice Connect offers dozens of additional advanced applications and plug-ins that extend system utility such as the ability to merge call records with customer records to increase customer service efficiencies, identify sales trends and optimize staffing. MiVoice Connect delivers an intuitive user experience, business continuity and simple management. Its robust feature set is easy to use and navigate, eliminating the need for IT.


Whether you need a communications solution that supports digital handsets that can re-use existing wiring or one that provides your business with access to the latest in IP phones and productivity-enhancing applications, or even one that provides mobility solutions to support your employees on the go, the MiVoice Office 250 is the answer. With Mitel Office 250 Enjoy adaptable IP networking that provides the ability for up to 99 sites to be connected together with full feature transparency, meaning it can easily evolve and grow as your business does. Mivoice Office 250 allows to be more flexible and responsive to client needs, ensuring clientfacing employees don’t miss important customer calls by twinning external mobile devices to employees desk phones.

mytel mioffice250 pbx dubaiYou Can Experience a digital / IP platform that combines the best of IP telephony and traditional digital-based phone system architectures. Instantly start benefitting through a complete suite of out-of-the-box business productivity applications, ensuring your business will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced staff productivity.


Make your communications and collaboration seamless, on your terms with a solution that includes voice, collaboration and contact center options. Mitel has a wide portfolio of solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse verticals or company sizes. With flexible options for deploying on-premises, in your private cloud, or a mix of both, you choose what works best for you. Whether you are looking to adopt a new solution or leverage your existing investments, Mitel can help you simplify and take control.

Sometimes the very tools and activities designed to boost productivity become barriers to it. With Mitel team collaboration solutions, you can be assured our collaboration solutions help your business stay ahead to drive higher employee performance, better financial results, and higher levels of innovation. No matter which MiVoice family unified communications solution you choose, Mitel’s MiCollab with MiTeam keeps workers connected anywhere, any time, on any device.

The Mitel MiVoice family of unified communications solutions delivers integrated voice, chat, video, and contact center capabilities in a single solution.  With choices tailored for small, medium, and large enterprises, all you have to do is chose where: on your premise, in your cloud, or both.

n a sea of data, MiTeam is your life preserver. You can store data by project, subject or person and instantly retrieve information including emails, IM conversations, documents and more—all from a single screen.

Mytel My team Features

Work by nature is dynamic and fast-paced, so don’t let disjointed or disconnected communications impede your ability to get the job done. Myteam Harmonize the flow of communications within a group by centralizing all group interactions into a single, synchronized workspace.

Work today happens on the move, and this is the system that can keep up. As a mobile-first application, MiTeam was designed to match the natural flow of communications, making communications and collaboration faster and easier in today’s fast-pace, mobile landscape. Myteam Eliminate the barriers that create siloed activities by connecting people together—whether they’re from different teams, departments, cities or outside organizations.

    • Available on iOS and Android devices
    • Store/archive data by project, subject or person
    • Instantly search and retrieve information, including emails, IM conversations, documents and more
    • Create automated alerts
    • Seamlessly import content
    • Annotate files
    • Conversations mirrored across all devices in real time
    • Mobile-first design
    • Meetings
    • Videoconferencing
    • Chats
    • Group chats

Fourteen IP; telephone systems for hospitality

With the fourteen IP, delight your guests and empower your employees. Enjoy the scalable, flexible and secure communications that is optimized to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Now choose from the Mitel PBX  in a public or private, on-property cloud or as hybrid system.

Fourteen IP is the Mitel Hospitality Specialist Solution with over 20 years of experience in supplying, supporting and installing the Mitel solutions for the hospitality. The hospitality industry is having extreme pressure for doing more with less. By focusing on the needs and requirements of the hospitality industry, Mitel has designed efficient and powerful telephone systems.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions from the Mitel build the high-performance organizations and companies by helping:

  • Leverage smart technology

Deliver the collaboration capabilities and unified communications to tablets or mobile devices of choice, without the network.

  • Improve customer service

Ensure that the employees are always responsive and reachable to client calls.

  • Consolidate communications

Provide workers with the control over their all business communications.

  • Empower the business

It free the people from the location constraints yet provide the consistent communications experience whether in or out of office.


Cloud-based communications deliver the greater efficiency, enhanced capabilities, and increased flexibility and other advantages for the companies of all sizes and the users of every sophistication level.

Good communication is the heart of each successful hotel. The customers of Mitel enjoy the secure, flexible and scalable communications that are designed to meet the business needs. With Mitel Mycloud Collaborate anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road, MiCloud Connect is always there with you.You can Keep up to date on projects by assign to-do’s with deadlines and track the progress of project activities with team members all within a single application.

Mitel Business Phones

Mitel offers a range of IP and digital phones, consoles, conference phones and peripherals tailored for executives to everyday employees for the business of all sizes.

  • Mitel Analog Phones
  • Mitel Digital Phones
  • Mitel Dect Phones
  • Mitel IP Business Phones
  • Mitel Conference Phones
  • Mitel SIP Phones

mitel phones dubaiMitel business voice over IP (VoIP) phones ranging from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets, headsets, speakerphones, and attendant consoles. Mitel Business IP Phones powerful suite of desk phones with crystal clear audio, advanced features and a broad array of accessories to improve productivity and mobility in today’s modern business environment.

Mitel Conference Phones are designed to make meetings easier and more efficient. Its excellent visibility to an intuitive user interfaces for quick navigation to essential meeting information and functions. Tight integration with Mitel platforms, applications, call managers delivers a unique conference experience that will not be found with 3rd party devices.

Mitel SIP phones offer exceptional features and flexibility in an open-standard enterprise-grade IP telephone. With Mitel’s Open Solutions portfolio – including open standards desktop phones (especially SIP phones), accessories, conference phones, and mobility devices — you get the flexibility to choose the devices that best suit your needs and work with your third-party platforms.

Mitel’s single-line analog phones deliver flawless performance on your standard PSTN service, Centrex system or PBX. Mitel analog Phones are an Affordable, feature-rich enterprise-grade that’s easy to use with a professional sleek design. The added features in Mitel analog phones simplify and streamline your everyday business communications.

Mitel’s full suite of digital phones and peripherals has a solution for every size business. Mitel Digital Phones are flexible and low-cost perfect for small and mid-sized businesses. The convenient standard scope of Mitel  Digital Phone is designed to address the various needs of modern business communications. Mitel Digital Phones practical functions such as automatic call-back, call forwarding and conference call help to improve efficiency and save time during your daily routine.