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The Honeywell RVS system is a Wide Area Surveillance System that integrates Ground or Waterside Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Video, and Thermal Sensor data to provide the highest value wide area surveillance system available. RVS radar sensors automatically detect intruders in user-defined Alarm Zones. Alarms are generated to alert security personnel, and PTZ cameras are directed to the intruder. The video is recorded and distributed over a Local Area Network, to provide both recorded history and real-time situational awareness to facility personnel.

Because RVS automates detection, tracking, and alarming, based on your site’s security plan, security personnel can perform tasks other than monitoring the detection system. When an alarm is received, personnel can identify the threat and make a security decision before it reaches the perimeter – increasing the time available to respond to potential threats. Through integration with Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM), RVS leverages the investment of your existing security infrastructure. RVS with DVM integrates with most CCTV cameras ‘out of the box’, allowing the use of existing PTZ cameras with the RVS system.

Other wide area solutions use CCTV for both detection and identification. In these systems, detection reԛuires many cameras to cover a wide area, which is higher maintenance and is less effective than radar. By using single radar for short or long range coverage up to 360°, RVS improves detection performance while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

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Honeywell CCTV System Features

  • Fully Functional GIS Map – Tracked objects are overlaid on aerial photos or satellite images to provide situational awareness.
  • User Defined Alarm Zones – Supports multiple, non-contiguous alarm zones. Objects entering the alarm zones are automatically detected, tracked, and prioritized.
  • User Defined Rules – Use the time of day, the day of the week, speed, heading, and location to build custom sets of rules for a facility.
  • AIS/GPS Filtering – AIS and GPS data is fused with radar, providing the option of assigning lower threat priority to objects with AIS or GPS transponders.
  • Threat Prioritization – Tracked targets are prioritized using the facility rules. The highest priority threats are allocated the closest CCTV assets.
  • Security Levels – Multiple rule sets can be created and saved, allowing different scenarios for various security levels or particular operations.
  • Zero Light Operation – Radar detects in all light conditions, and with optional thermal PTZ cameras, RVS provides true zero light operation.
  • Look Here Now – When the operator selects this at a location on the map, RVS assigns the closest available camera and displays a pop-up DVM window with the video image of that location.
  • Distributed Operation – TCP/IP interfaces allow the system to be monitored and controlled by the facility LAN. Up to five remote RVS clients can be run using a Multicast or Unicast configuration.
  • Manual Control – Operators can override control of PTZ cameras at any time, allowing them to investigate threats or verify system operation manually.
  • Camera Compatibility – Because DVM supports most CCTV and PTZ devices, RVS is highly compatible with existing infrastructure.
  • Open Architecture – XML and SQL Server interfaces provide easy integration to other security or business applications.

The Honeywell Security Group is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of security products, including CCTV, Access Control and Galaxy alarm systems, which monitor and protect business and government facilities around the world. Honeywell’s portfolio incorporates a powerful security management systems platform and a comprehensive offering of monitoring and CCTV recording solutions including the latest in IP Networks, data and video analytics that utilize open architecture to bring ultimate flexibility to the users. Honeywell’s state of the art Access Control Software integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.

Honeywell Security Survilavce

Video surveillance

The reliability, integrity and dependability of Honeywell’s video systems ensure that you can meet all of your existing and future security challenges with complete confidence. The products range from IP and analogue CCTV Cameras and domes, and digital and network video recorders, through to intelligent video analytics and sophisticated video management systems. Honeywell cameras provide exceptional imagery. Their video systems allow easy migration from analogue to IP-based technology.

Integrated security solutions

A truly integrated system enables various products to communicate together. Honeywell’s security systems allow integration across visitor management, access control, and intruder and CCTV systems.

They collect, integrate and distribute information from multiple points. For medium or large enterprises, the ability to have truly integrated security solutions and software which sit on a single server is particularly important.

An integrated security system:

  • Prevents security breaches
  • Improves response times,
  • Reduces risk in an emergency
  • Boosts productivity
  • Makes management of the system easier and more effective
  • Simplifies maintenance and support


  • A wide range of high performing cameras suitable for any application
  • Saves time and money through ease of installation
  • Designed for high performance in all light conditions
  • Features high and standard resolution, sturdy housing, and clear imaging
  • Rigorous testing ensures the highest level of reliability.

Live Video

View live video from up to six cameras at a time. Keep an eye on the kids in the yard or check to see who’s at your front door from the comfort of your couch. You can even view your camera feeds from your smartphone, tablet, or another Web-enabled device when you’re away from home. And you can set up custom video alerts, so you can see when your kids arrive home, check to see when a package arrives, or keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work. At any time, you can record a two-minute loop from your camera, so you can capture any activity.

Smart Scenes

One of Honeywell’s truly dynamic and interesting features is Smart Scenes. Schedule ‘scenes’ around your lifestyle, so that certain home automation features will be triggered at certain times throughout the day. A “Goodnight” scene could lock your doors, close your window shades, turn off your lights and fans, and arm your security system at a certain time. You could also set a scene for when you arrive home from work: setting the thermostat at a certain temperature and turning on the lights, so you can arrive at a comfortable and well-lit home.

Other Solutions from Honeywell

Access control solutions

As the leading developer of access control solutions, Honeywell’s range of products varies from single door access control and standalone web-hosted access control to integrated security systems capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points globally. Options include proximity, smart card and biometric readers.

Intruder detection systems

Honeywell’s range extends from intruder alarms, control panels and motion sensors through to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations. It also includes environmental protection and life safety devices, and perimeter protection products including glass-break, seismic and shock sensors. You can choose from wired, wireless or hybrid solutions.

Honeywell CCTV Distributor in Dubai

The Honeywell Security Camera is easy to use and every feature worked well and reliably.Honeywell offers some of the higher-end home security cameras in the market. As a Honeywell distributor in Dubai, UAE we can ensure Honeywell CCTV Systems has all the essentials for giving you peace of mind and reԛuires little time investment to learn them. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this one. We are here to help you with your support.