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Yealink focused on developing cutting-edge conferencing and collaboration products. Yealink Offer easy-to-use solution that optimizes your enterprise’s video conferencing with advanced technology and advanced products.Yealink portfolio of industry-leading HD video conferencing solutions includes feature-rich room systems and desktop video applications, as well as enhanced network management and infrastructure solutions.Yealink committed to incorporating the latest technologies into Video Conferencing product range.

Yealink’s cloud-based software platform allows control of an entire video conferencing network scattered in different geographical locations.Yealink Video conferencing brings traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing and cloud video collaboration into a single appliance for multi-site collaboration.Yealink products are Perfect for both single-site and multi-site interactive collaboration.


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Yealink CP960 Dubai

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone

The Yealink CP960 is the latest product from Yealink family with the power of Android 5.1 operating system.The CP960 comes with 6 meters, 360 Degree range, and crystal clear audio quality.Yealink CP960 provides wireless and wired pairing with mobile devices and combines simplicity of use with the sophistication of features.The well designed Yealink CP960 make sure conversation will sound natural and bright anywhere.

Yealink VC110 Dubai

Yealink VC110 Video Conference

The Yealink VC110 Video Conferencing System designed to perfectly meet small meeting room requirements. Yealink VC110 contribute the business meeting with 1080p Video while maintaining the user-friendliness. This user-friendly video conferencing system makes the setup and usage like a breeze.The  Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology help you reduce the hassles of firewall setup. The wireless mic  VCM60 brings more flexibility in the meeting room. Along with Full-HD 1080P video, VC110 support content sharing, and Dual monitors.

Yealink VC120 Dubai

Yealink VC120-12X Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing Systems are becoming very popular among organizations. It is the solid medium which can produce a life-like communication experience among users from different locations. The Yealink VC120-12X is an innovative product from Yealink which is designed to deliver quality communication channel at an affordable cost. This video conferencing system in Dubai supports bandwidth adaptive dynamic adjustment and it resists 8% packet loss. This will make sure that the transmitted data loss is very minimal with respect to other video conferencing systems.

Yealink VC120 18x Dubai

Yealink VC120-18X Video Conferencing System

Yealink video conferencing systems are one among the best conferencing systems available on market today. With this Yealink VC120-18x, you can empower business communication to next level. It is designed to bring a new face to your business communication. Often office visit of your client and other branch offices are not possible with your busy schedule. In that case, this video conferencing system can save your traveling time as well as traveling cost. With Yealink video conferencing system, it is now possible to keep your conferences under control. The Yealink VC120-18x Dubai supports bandwidth adaptive dynamic adjustment and it resists 8% packet loss. It guarantees you a great communication experience.

yealink vc200 uae

Yealink VC200

The Yealink VC200 is an Android-based simple and cost-effective Videoconferencing System with 4K Video support and H.265 Codec Support. Along with video meetings, it offers content sharing. It has a built-in 6 mics array, wifi, and  Bluetooth. The Protocol support includes both H.323 and SIP.

Yealink VC400 Dubai

Yealink VC400 Video Conferencing System

Yealink always deliver innovative products for effective business communication. Yealink VC400 Dubai is one of their product built to help organizations to conduct business meetings within their office environment. Traveling for business meetings is becoming a difficult task for most of the business professionals. There are several reasons for that. For small businesses travel expense is a major factor in that case video conferencing systems are very cost-effective.  Busy business persons may lack time to meet every clients and partner at their place. So, they can make use of the video conferencing system to keep in touch and enhance business communications.

Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing

Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing

Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing System is a sleek, compact device including an integrated HD camera and a codec.VC500 offers two packages to fit in diversified needs. VC500 with wireless Mic pods and Wired Mic pods.VC500 Wired include 5-inch touchable VCS phone backed by Harman speaker and Yealink Noise Proof technology.The H.265 protocol ensures less bandwidth and maintains a high level of quality.VC500 offer insurance against up to 30 % of packet loss and provide stable video transmission.Yealink VC500 Conference System is a powerful video conferencing endpoint that is optimized for small and medium meeting rooms.


Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System

Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System

Yealink VC800 is new generation Video conference system with a powerful MCU. VC800 Support 24 site video conferencing and 2 virtual meeting room support.It is the best choice for medium and large meeting rooms.High-quality audio and video make sure real life type video conferencing and enable the business to ae effective and easier business meeting.The VC800 Features H.265/HEVC Video Compression and Opus HD Audio backed by Harman speakers.if you are looking to facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration VC800 is the best choice for your meeting room.The YMS meeting server fulfills the enterprise Meeting Schedule as well as one-touch meeting access.

vc880 yealink

Yealink VC880

Yealink VC880 is a large video conferencing system which supports 24 location HD meeting. It is built for Corporate head office and suited for the large conference room.VC880 equipped with powerful embedded MCU and allow you to use multiple Video Conferencing cameras such as yealink VCC22. It also enables you to use third-party conferencing cameras. Its a one-stop video conference solution designed with enterprise organisation structure in mind.

yealink vc222 camera

Yealink VCC22 Camera

The VCC22 from Yealink is a next-generation  Video Conferencing Camera designed for VC800 Conferencing System. It supports 1080p60 quality, and HD PTZ and delivers high-definition capture of up to 1080p at 60 FPS. You can add up to eight VCC22 units to a VC800 Video Conferencing System. This product is perfect for creating a multi-camera Video conferencing system. The POE Supported VC222 Bring simplicity to your VC Deployment.

yealink vch50

Yealink VCH50 Hub

The VCH50 is video conferencing hub provided along with VC800 and VC200. It gives the system the ability to interconnect the Video Conferencing system, conference phone, and Computer. For the new VC200 Conferencing System  VCH50 is optional.