Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai


Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai

The Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai is an ultra-high-definition, all-in-one intelligent conference system designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.


Yealink SmartVision40 All-in-one Conference System Dubai

The Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai is an ultra-high-definition, all-in-one intelligent conference system designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. It integrates advanced AI algorithms to enhance meeting efficiency. With dual 48MP lenses, it combines images for higher pixel clarity and superior image quality. This system features built-in stereo speakers, eight long-range pickup microphones, and supports two optional expansion microphones*. Its intelligent noise reduction technology ensures excellent audio quality.

Equipped with AI technologies such as face detection, sound source positioning, and voice tracking, the SmartVision40 intelligently tracks conference participants, keeping the focus on the speaker and providing clear, stable images. It also introduces the Multi-stream IntelliFrame feature*, which detects and frames speakers automatically, displaying them clearly for remote participants to see facial expressions and postures, enhancing the interactive meeting experience.

The installation is straightforward: simply place it in the meeting room, connect it to power and the network, and it’s ready to use without complex wiring or setup. For privacy, the SmartVision40 has an automatic lens cover, ensuring secure conferencing. The system supports up to two expansion microphones for flexible audio solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra HD picture quality
  • Artificial AI features
  • High-quality audio pickup experience
  • Remote device management
  • Simple deployment
  • Privacy protection
  • Wireless BYOD*

Ultra HD picture quality

The dual lens fixed-focus stitching solution combines the images from two lenses to achieve a higher pixel density, resulting in clearer and sharper image quality. This is beneficial for detailed observation during meetings, document presentations, and the viewing experience of remote participants.

Artificial AI Features

The intelligent AI features not only include basic automatic framing and speaker tracking functions but also include the IntelliFocus feature. It can automatically detect speakers in the meeting room, frame them, and display them on the screen through multi-stream output, providing a more intuitive and interactive remote meeting experience. Additionally, the Video Fence feature can intelligently identify and block interfering factors in the meeting room, maintaining a clean and professional meeting display.

High-quality audio pickup experience

Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai has a 6-meter voice pickup range, 4-meter quality voice pickup range and built-in stereo speakers, 3-meter full-duplex technology, and 8x long-range pickup microphones. The intelligent noise reduction technology provides a good audio experience. In addition, it can support 2 additional expansion microphones, that can cover a large conference room.

Remote Device Management

Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai is networked and reported to the device management platform, then can be remotely managed, configured, and upgraded.

Simple deployment

All-in-one audio and video device, comes with a standard 2.5-meter USB cable, includes a standard wall mount bracket, and optional TV wall mount is available.

Privacy Protection

Yealink SmartVision40 Dubai is designed with an automatic lens privacy cover, providing users with a secure and intelligent conference experience.



  • 2× 48MP
  • DFOV 120°
  • Automatic lens privacy cover
  • Camera preset


  • Built-in 8 MEMS microphone array
  • 6-meter voice pickup range
  • 4-meter quality voice pickup range
  • Stereo speakers
  • Support 2x expansion microphone
  • Intelligent noise cancellation technology
  • Full-duplex technology
  • Echo cancellation technology

AI Feature

  • IntelliFocus
  • Multi-Stream IntelliFrame (Only for Microsoft Teams Room)
  • Video Fence
  • Auto Framing
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Image Super Resolution Technology
  • Multi-Focus
  • Picture-in-Picture


  • 1x USB3.0 Type-B port
  • 1x USB2.0 Type-A port
  • 1x USB-C port
  • 1x Yealink VCH port (RJ-45)
  • 1x 3.5mm Line-in & Line-out port
  • 1x Power port
  • 1x Security lock slot
  • 1x Reset slot
  • 1x HDMI-out
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Package Features

  • SmartVision 40: 650 × 62 × 80 mm
  • N.W/CTN: 5.540 kg
  • G.W/CTN: 6.086 kg
  • Wall mount (ADA Standard)

Physical Specifications

  • Operating humidity: 10-95%
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C