Aver VB342 Plus


Aver VB342 Plus 4K Conference bar

The VB342+ is an affordable, enterprise-grade USB soundbar optimized to deliver exceptional audiovisual experience to huddle rooms and small conference rooms. Aver VB342+ easily puts all participants in clear focus with its 4K PTZ camera’s extraordinary video quality and its professional-grade speakers and microphones. Perfectly suited for huddle rooms. With the VB342, there’s no need to leave your office for face-to-face meetings- just click a button and everyone is there. The VB342’s 4K camera provides superb resolution, color balance, and detail so you can catch all participants’ expressions with no distortion. Ultra-sharp clarity is maintained even when you pan, tilt, and zoom.



Aver VB342 Plus Video Soundbar

AVer are at it again, and as is their norm they have pushed the bar to the next level with the VB342 Plus Video Soundbar. It is a one-stop-shop 4K Ultra High Definition sound and camera cluster guaranteed to deliver exemplary performance in your Huddle Room. Its top-class audio and video qualities bring next-level efficiency to group calls. It onboards modernistic features like True Wide Dynamic Range, SmartSpeaker, SmartFrame and a Field of View that extends up to 120 degrees to give you an amazing conference experience. With up to 10 presets, you can switch camera angles as well as view the conference whiteboard with a click.

Aver Vb342 Conference Bar Dubai

Aver Vb342 Conference Bar Dubai

SmartFrame Capture

The AVer SmartFrame technology built into the VB342 Plus Video Soundbar smartly adjusts the camera lens to pan, zoom and focus on all the meeting room subjects and fit them all on the screen while cutting out nonessentials and ignoring unwarranted subject movements. The AVer SmartFrame efficiency is just what your meetings need.

Employing the Sony Exmore sensor that supports 4K, the VB342 Plus Video Soundbar has a digital 4X zoom scope that offers a dynamic crystal-clear image at 30 frames per second, as well as 1080p and 720p at 30 and 60 frames per second. The resolution is exemplary, color balance superb and details heavy to enable you to read and understand attendees’ facial expressions. This clarity is not lost or distorted during panning, tilting, and zooming.

Aver Vb342 Plus Dubai

Aver Vb342 Plus Dubai

Optimized Audio

The Aver VB342 Plus Video Soundbar brings on board 2 unidirectional microphones with an ability to cover a pickup diameter range of up to 6 meters, saving you the hustle of gathering speakers near the microphone. Built with intense sensitivity to human sound, the Aver VB342+ SmartSpeaker intelligence not only tracks the speaker’s locations in the room but also zooms in on them to capture as clear audio as possible. The microphone is built with echo cancellation technology and 2D noise suppression to help eliminate unwanted ambiance and distractions.

The 5 Watt stereo speaker on the other hand offers a full-range sound of 50 dB to comfortably suit your huddle room. There is the option of between 10 and 20 meters of microphone expansion available as an after-product.

True WDR Clarity

The True Wide Dynamic Range algorithm embedded in the Aver VB342 Plus Video Soundbar automatically adjusts the camera iris to manage exposure. This ensures exemplary pixel management even in low lighting and environments with high contrast to deliver crisp High Definition images. Now that gives you the freedom to hold your conference without being held back by lighting challenges.


Identify voices instantly with SmartSpeaker

AVer’s SmartSpeaker tracking pinpoints your location in the room, cutting through background noise to pick up your voice clearly. SmartSpeaker presets allow you to flawlessly deliver your presentation while continuing the video call with ease.

Aver Vb342 Usb Video Conferencing Dubai

Aver Vb342 Usb Video Conferencing Dubai

No One gets left out

With an impressive Field of View that expands up to 120 degrees, the VB342 Plus Video Soundbar is sure to have every participant on shot. Its multi-glass lens enjoys a motorized pan that is as elastic as 180 degrees and a tilt angle spanning 105 degrees to give you the widest perspective possible. Now members can sit anywhere in the room and still be on shot.

The Efficiency of Meeting Room Analytics

Installed on the AVer VB342 Plus Video Soundbar is an API application that does a systemic analysis of your meeting room and provides relevant insights to help in critical decision making as well as supply third party platforms with data vital for better understanding of conference room usage.

Setup Easy

The VB342 Plus Video Soundbar is built with attention to ease of installation and operation as a way of maximizing product experience. Not only does it install easily but also plugs seamlessly into other office systems. Its ability to accept multiple connections offers you unrivaled video conferencing luxury.

Video conferencing is made easier by the fact that it plugs into any Smart TV and connects to applications like Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Video, Zoom and Adobe Connect.

VB342 Plus Video Soundbar Specifications

  • Sony Exmore RTM 4K CMOS sensor with 4X digital zoom rate.
  • Frame rate: 4K 30fps; 1080p, 720p at 60, 30 and 15fps.
  • Field of View 94° Diagonal, 85° Horizontal, Vertical 55°
  • SmartFrame & SmartSpeaker: Automatic FOV adjustment to fit all participants in shot and concentrate on the speaker.
  • True WDR up to 120 dBs: Back light compensation for optimized light balancing in high-contrast environments.
  • 3D denoiser for clear and natural imaging in poor lighting
  • Automatic white balance. Override control via PTZApp
  • Minimum focal distance at 80 cm
  • Video Formats: YUV, YUY2, M-JPEG
  • Analytics API for meeting-space data.
  • Compatible with standard conferencing platforms like Zoom
  • 2 unidirectional microphones with pick up of up to 6 meters.
  • 2 stereo full range speakers of 5 watts each with bass port.
  • Volume to 50 dB, echo cancellation and 2D noise suppression.

Package Contents

  • AVer VB342+ Unit (650x100x109.5mm/2.133 kg)
  • IR remote control 150x45x10mm (0.040 kg)
  • USB 3.0 type C to TV cable (1.8 meters)
  • USB type A-C connector
  • Wall-mount bracket & Mounting screws
  • 12V/5A power adaptor
  • Operation Manual