Aver VB342 Plus Dubai


Aver VB342+ Dubai

The Aver VB342+ Dubai Video conferencing bar provides an analytics API so enterprises and third-party software providers can obtain people-counting data for a better understanding of meeting-space usage.


Aver VB342+ Video Conferencing System Dubai

The Aver VB342+ Dubai is a highly economical and feasible video conferencing bar which combines the use of an amazing 4K Video quality with a superb Sound quality to deliver an excellent video conferencing experience. It is designed to provide its users with True WDR Features which perfectly suit in any meeting room. It is also packed with many other standard features which make it suitable for use in huddle rooms.

Conference participants in huddle rooms may have to sit closer to displays and cameras in order to achieve a clearer view and sound quality. The Aver VB342+ Motor pan and tilt, ensure total horizontal viewing area 165°; and vertical viewing area 85° ensure to cover your variety of meeting challenges.

Aver VB342+ Dubai is equipped with the  industry-leading 1/2.5″Sony Exmor RTM 4K CMOS sensor VB340 Plus camera which captures all meeting participants in one field of view with Auto Framing Feature. The CS-700 camera covers 80% more area in the whole room, removing the hassle of panning and zooming cameras to see everybody in the room can be avoided with Auto framing. The high pixel count of the Aver VB342+ ensures that every expression
is captured.

VB342+ Delivers an incredible 4K Video make your  Video Conferencing more efficient with its exceptional Video and Audio. A hurdle Meeting required Very good Video Quality to have a clear view on Subjects, a Wide-angle View to accommodate all the attendees on the screen plus easy handling. The VB342+ is a combination of amazing sound with a wide-angle lens that offers a beautiful resolution in the center as well as the sharp definition in the corners of the frame.

Features Like 2D noise reduction, Back light compensation, Eco Cancellation, and 6-meter pickup range 2 uni-direction microphones enable the audio to be captured perfectly. The 2 Inbuilt speakers which are 5W Each enable rich sound experience to your meeting room.


  • SmartSpeaker Instantly Identifies Speakers
    • Highly sensitive SmartSpeaker Tracking pinpoints speakers wherever they are in the room, cutting through the noise to zoom in on the human voice. Also, SmartSpeaker’s 6-meter diameter pickup range saves wasted time moving speakers closer to the microphone.
  • Constant Clarity with True WDR
    • Wide Dynamic Range controls the exposure and processes the light values of pixels in high-contrast backlight environments to provide clear images. Hold your meeting anywhere and in any lighting with the VB342+.
  • Super sharp accurate color up to 4K
    • The Aver VB342+ uses high-quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate color ever with 4K
  • Fit Everyone in the Room
    • The Aver VB342+ Dubai captures the room with a 120° FOV multi-glass lens that features a motorized 180° pan and 105° tilt view for a wider perspective than ever. No more concern about where your seat is located. The Aver VB342+ Dubai has the widest possible field of view, which is perfect for huddle rooms where attendees are positioned closer to the lens.
  • Analytics for Efficient Meeting Rooms
    • The Aver VB342+ Dubai Video conferencing bar provides an analytics API so enterprises and third-party software providers can obtain people-counting data for a better understanding of meeting-space usage.

Aver VB342+ Specifications


  • Sony Exmore sensor: Ultra-crystal clear image support up to 4K
  • Frame rate: 4K 30fps, 1080p, 720p, 960×540, 848×480, 800×448, 640×480, 640×360, 424×240, 320×240, 320×180 at 60, 30, 15 fps
  • SmartFrame: Automatic FOV adjustment to fit all participants
  • 120° wide field of view
  • True WDR up to 120db: Superb backlight compensation technology for optimizing light balance in high contrast conditions
  • Digital zoom rate up to 4X leveraging 4K sensor
  • 3D de-noise technology, keep the clear and natural image in low light conditions
  • Mirror, AE, white balance: auto, manual override by PTZApp
  • Minimum focus distance 80cm
  • Analytics API: Enterprises and third-party software providers can obtain people-counting data for better understanding of meeting-space usage
  • Motorized pan and tilt movement
  • Pan: Total horizontal viewing area 180°
  • Tilt: Total vertical viewing area 105°
  • 10 camera presets (through remote control)
  • Fast and quiet pan & tilt movement


  • Microphones: 2 uni-directional microphones supporting pick up in 12 feet range
  • 5Wx2 stereo full-range speakers with a professional bass port tuned for communication
  • Volume up to 96dB SPL at 1/2 meter
  • Echo cancellation
  • Noise suppression
  • 3.5mm Line-in (aux) cable connects to BYOD smartphones or PC as a speakerphone


  • DisplayLink: USB 3.1(GEN 1) to HDMI adapter built-in
  • 1080p HDMI output to TV1


  • 12V/5A power adaptor
  • Mini DIN6 for RS232 connection
  • USB Type-C connector
  • HDMI out connection (DisplayLink)
  • Phone in (3.5mm audio jack)
  • MIC Input