Aver Cam 540 Video Conference


Aver Cam540 Video Conferencing Camera

Aver Cam 540 is an Enterprise-Grade 4k Video Conferencing Camera Certified for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom Rooms. It is Best Sited for Google Meet as well. Its multi-lens glass to produce super-sharp video, brilliant color, and exceptional optical accuracy. It supports 10 presets, true optical 16X zoom, Seamless pan, tilt, zoom, and Perfect Smart-Frame Technology.


Aver CAM540 Video Conference

The Aver CAM540 is AVer’s powerful Pan-Tilt-Zoom 4K camera that has been meticulously assembled to push your video conferencing to the next level. Embedded with one of the widest fields of view in the market currently (86 degrees), it uses that in conjunction with the SmartFrame auto-framing technology to give users a memorable experience in the conference room.

Aver Cam540 Video Conference Camera highly powered 4K sensor transmits beams through a multiple-lens glass chamber to feed out razor-sharp video bursting in real and lively colors. It is the epitome of optical accuracy supported by a hi-tech Sony 4K CMOS integrated circuit that captures images at 30 frames per second. It can pan up to 160 degrees and tilt between -30 and 90 degrees. With such optics, you are guaranteed a lively conference.

Aver Cam540 Zoom Room Camera Dubai

Aver Cam540 Zoom Room Camera Dubai

Don’t just Meet, Make an Impression with Cam 540 Video Conferencing


Built with a sleek streamlined design, the CAM540 brings massive elegance into your conference room while using minimal space. It is a stylish gadget that makes a statement to both seasoned conference participants and new entrants.

16x Zoom Detail

The Aver CAM540 has the exceptional multi-element 16X zoom ability, bringing into the conference or meeting never-seen-before video clarity to foster maximum participation and collaboration between team members through video conferencing. Image quality and color tone are retained, focal length notwithstanding.

10 Presets at Arm’s Reach

At your disposal are 10 presets hinged on RS-232 via UVC and VISCA technologies. These enable you to customize your operation by allocating 10 different functions to help you navigate through the meeting easily and smoothly. By assigning different keys on the remote to specific functions you give yourself flexibility and save a lot of valuable time to be used during the meeting hence increased productivity.

Zoom, Pan and Tilt Fluidly

Zoom, pan and tilt functions on the CAM540 benefit from next-generation autofocus optical engineering, making them fluid, seamless and smooth. Built into the CAM540 is the futuristic True Optical 16X Zoom wide-angle camera, one of the most advanced at the moment, enabling you to push focal length to full limits without compromising on image clarity.

Aver Cam540 Zoom Room Camera Abudhabi

Aver Cam540 Zoom Room Camera Abudhabi

Advanced RS232 VISCA Integration Abilities

The CAM540 has superb integration abilities encompassing VISCA support and an included RS232 cable, which makes it an easy addition into controlled environments as users can operate it via AV controls. It works perfectly with standard web conference platforms including but not limited to Google Hangouts, Zoom, RingCentral, Skype  and GoToMeeting.

Connections made Simple with USB PLUG & PLAY

For ease of use, the CAM540 is a simple plug and play gadget courtesy of a USB 3.1 Generation 1 Type C port. This is automatically activated without complicated settings which takes a few seconds to mount and be ready for use. With that simplicity, you can easily collaborate with your cloud service of choice as well as conferencing applications.

Automatic White Balance

With the help of an automatic white balance, the Aver CAM540 is smart enough to sense changes in light intensity and adjust accordingly to eliminate digital noise, keep the image balanced and deliver amazing color tones. Thanks to backlight compensation and 2D noise elimination technology, the algorithm is primed to work in all light intensities, from natural, bright, fluorescent, medium, low, to a mixture of both.


Aver’s SmartFrame technology gives an edge in that it is able to automatically frame and include every participant in the room regardless of their distance from the lens, thanks to its facial recognition algorithm. This ensures a single click transition in moments when the meeting receives new participants or releases some to leave a fewer number.

Aver Cam 540 Video Conferencing Supplier

Aver Cam 540 Video Conferencing Supplier

Analytics API

The aVER CAM540 conferencing Camera brings on board an Analytics Application Programming Interface to allow the system plug into third party software developers and obtain relevant data that is necessary for increasing efficiency and betterment of the meeting workspace.

The PTZapp

PTZapp is a free application that can be downloaded onto your gadget to give you more options for making, accepting or ending calls. The app is also integrated to help users with product upgrades, adjust and control camera angles, view incoming footage as well as do diagnostics.

Reliability and Customer Support

The quality of build in the Aver CAM540 is impressive. It not only makes the camera touch and go for ease of use but that it is also durability. It also comes with a tripod thread as well as a Kensington slot to make mounting easy.

Over and above this, Aver offers a 3 years of product warranty as a promise to the customer that the manufacturer is always ready to offer customer support.