Avaya 9508


Avaya 9508

Avaya 9508 is a Digital Office Phone with smart design, crystal-clear sound, and productivity features. It featured high-quality integrated speakerphone and a large, easy-to-read display. These digital phones are well suited for demanding executive workers with feature keys, speed dials, and call logs. It supports optional 12-button expansion module for a total of 96 feature keys.



Avaya 9508 Digital Phone in Detail

One of the most important factors for success in today’s world is one’s ability to communicate efficiently and effectively. The difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one remains in its communication channels. That is why people who wish to run a successful venture can never underestimate an important aspect such as communication. One such important tool to create a well connected and efficient workforce for your business is the Avaya 9508 Digital Deskphones.

These digital desk phones are designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses, for their effective operation. They are known to be smart, efficient, reliable and can be useful for a vast range of employee needs within any organization.

avaya 9508 dubaiWith an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the human eye and also an intuitive display that makes it easy to use for people belonging to all age demographics, there are fixed keys dedicated to certain functions which clear confusion and keeps it simple for people who are not acquainted with the device. Also, there are contextual guidance and prompts to help you further and make your endeavors fruitful.

People who have to spend quite a chunk of their time with a telephone, love the product, especially executives and managers who are always on important calls. They have testified how useful the device turns out to be with its superior audio quality and easily operable buttons. Small features such as call logs and speed dials turn out to be very useful when one is on important calls.

Coming to the other features of this office phone – it has 8 administrable buttons on each of the 3 levels it is composed of, which gives a position to around 24 buttons. There is an option for 12 button expansion modules which make way for 96 functional buttons. These buttons are also accompanied by red and green LED lights to make it easier to operate and easier to remember for first time users. Also, for mundane but important tasks such as reading messages and checking your contacts, there are 10 additional fixed keys which make the task quick and hassle-free.

The two-way speakerphone delivers crystal clear audio output and makes it a joy to operate calls on it. Previously speakers on desk phones used to have inaudible audio and you were forced to turn it off during important calls in order to not miss anything worthwhile. This is certainly not the case with the excellent speakers on board this beauty. The headset jack also supports a wide range of headsets from Avaya.

The device is integrated with the Avaya IP office platform which allows you to synchronize your contacts and important information with ease and without breaking a sweat.

The 9508 Digital Phone is also a very safe and risk-free investment for your growing venture. It is designed to be future proof and even includes a headset interface. Given its price, it significantly beats out all the competition in the market and becomes a perfect fit for you.

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