Exide Solar Battery Kerala

Exide Solar Battery KeralaExide Solar Battery Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala

Exide offers a wide range of Solar Power System Batteries, that is specifically designed for Solar System Application. As leading trusted battery brand in India Exide, Solar Batteries are best suited for any Solar System Project.These solar batteries provide high cycling performance that is an important efficiency factor in Solar System Kochi.Exide Solar Batteries are produced in the state of the art manufacturing facilities in India. Exide Solar Battery’s are one of the few batteries available in India with the C10 rating that is best suited for Home Solar system. Exide Solar Batteries offer efficient storing of solar energy and optimize the distribution of power whenever wanted.

Exide Solar Batteries with High Charge-Discharge Cycle

One of the important factors in the solar system is high charge-discharge cycle support. Without this feature, any solar system can’t store maximum available energy in the battery and release maximum energy when required. In a Solar System Daily Draining and recharging is common.Normal batteries are designed to release 50 % Stored energy when required. Completely draining normal batteries are seriously affect their lifetime. This is where the Exide solar batteries increase the capacity of the solar power system. You can Drain Exide Solar Batteries up to 80% compared the normal batteries.The high High Charge-Discharge Cycle capacity of Exide batteries effectively add 30% more capacity to your storage system.Under the deep cycling mode of 80%, Exide batteries still have a lifetime capacity of 5 Years.

Why Choose Exide Solar Batteries for Solar System

Deep Cycle Solar Batteries used in a Solar System to store energy during the peak sunlight hours and use it when the absence of sunlight.The Charge stored in the batteries bridges the gap between day and night.Excide offer C10 batteries with TORR Tubular Technology yo can relay for your Solar System with low self-discharge rates of less than 3% per month.Exide solar batteries have an effective lifetime of 5 to 10 Years depend upon how you use the battery with a deep cycle. Remember when you choose the solar battery to choose wisely. Because the success of a solar system largely depends on the efficiency of its storage.The performance of any renewable energy system depends on the quality of the equipment used in it.[ Solar Inverters, Solar Panels Etc, ] Then why not choose the leader in Solar Battery Industry.

Types of Exide Solar Batteries

Exide Solar Battery Dealer ErnakulamExide offers different models of solar batteries with different capacity based on your Solar Application.These batteries are classified as Solatubular, Solar Blit, and Soalatron. Sola Tubular And Sola Blitz are Acid Batteries, and Solatron is Maintenance free Gel Batteries. All these batteries are available in 2V, 6V, and 12 V Models. 12 V Batteries are available UP to 200 AH Capacity. 2 Volt Batteries are available with AH Capacity of up to 1000. 6 Volt batteries are available in 300 AH Capacity.

There are several add-ons features Exide offer with solar batteries such as MS Cabinet.2 V Cells up to 800 AH can be housed in MS Modules. 6v Batteries can supply with 48v MS cabinet configuration with the proper, suitable exhaust system.

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Best Exide Solar Battery price ErnakulamAs a leading Exide Solar Battery Dealer in Ernakulam, Kerala we carry all the models in Our Inventory. We supply solar batteries across Kerala including Ernakulam, Idukki, Malappuram, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode, Palakkad, and Thrissur. We offer the best price for Exide Solar batteries and our technical expertise in Solar Products allow us to help you choose the right Exide Solar Battery for Your Solar System.Call Us today on +91 484262658, to get in touch and understand more about the solar battery.




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