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Solar System Cochin deals with complete solar installation for Home, Offices in Ernakulam, Kerala. When you are thinking about a Solar system, your primary objective will be reducing the electricity bills and at the same time escapes from the frequent power disruption in Kerala. Rising electricity prices are increasing the desire amongst more and more people to become as energy self-sufficient as possible. This Scenario was applicable for existing solar system users and for customers who are just beginning to think themselves with the topic of generating electricity on their own roof. We have perfect solutions to reduce your energy consumption from the Grid to Zero. VDS Offer intelligent and pioneering Solar system solution in Kerala, Kochi
and it can integrate into the house grid without building work. As a Leading Solar Company in Ernakulam, Kerala we have several  Solar Energy Solution for every power requirement. Our Solar Energy Systems can easily expandable with solar panels and parallel solar inverters.

Our Intelligent energy management solar power systems take control of all energy flows.If the Sun Is Shining well and the panels are generating enough power the solar system distributes the power to the appliances that currently need power. The power which is not immediately consumed is used to charge the high-performance Solar batteries. The priority for which energy should use to run the appliance is done internally. The priority is always solar panel generated electricity. During the night when solar energy is not generating the system uses the stored energy in solar batteries. Once all the power has been drained from the batteries power is drawn from the public grid. Our Solar System solutions are designed to handle all these events completely independent without any external actions. This ensures that the internally created solar power utilized maximum and result in more savings on the electricity bill.

Our Solar System solutions offering in Kerala, entirely based on high efficient transformer-less Solar Inverters and High-Quality Solar Panels. The Technologically Advanced  Solar Systems can take maximum out of the Solar Panels and save a lot of money in Electricity Bill. Call us Today for your Solar System in Kochi, Ernakulam.

What do we offer in Solar Systems?

Solar CochinWe use Solar Systems with  MPPT technology for any of the projects. As an end user, you may never hear what is MPPT is. Let us explain to you. One of the trickiest parts of maximizing efficiency or output in a solar installation in Kerala is dealing with variations in power output among panels because of the different levels of output voltage coming Solar Panels. This irregularity in the solar panel array output leads to severe loss when converting to AC that is using your home or office equipment. MPPT Based Solar Systems [maximum power point tracking]  to increase system efficiency and providing a balance of system strategy for solar system effectiveness and energy savings.

Most of the Solar System providers never disclose the actual technology behind the system or type of panels used in the Installation. Maybe a little bit higher price you can save double on the electricity bill and the long run it will return your investment in a higher rate.

Why should you go for Solar Systems

In simple words, solar power is ”Easy”. You don’t have to pay anything to the sun for the power. Of course, there is a cost involved in installing a complete solar system for home and office. After the initial investment, you start saving from Day 1. The investment is secure you will get returns on every day you are using it. Solar System Gives energy independence from the electricity grid. The Most significant part has you put your contribution to saving the planet.

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Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic Solar PanelsPanasonic is one of the reliable names in solar panels and started creating solar panels since 1975. Panasonic solar panels generate more power than the conventional solar panels available in India. This high efficient solar power PV panels maximize the system capacity on your roof and reduce monthly electricity bill payment. Investing in the solar power system is a long time commitment. So invest wisely on Panasonic solar systems. Panasonic solar panels give a long time durability you expect from the solar system and 25 Year warranty give you the confidence you are looking for before investing in the solar power system.

Panasonic HIT solar panels are the newest solar panel range with a high-efficiency performance at high temperature. Panasonic HIT solar panels are unique in structure and technology. These Panasonic monocrystalline panels surface designed as a unique pyramid structure captures sunlight more efficiently by reducing reflection and directing light inside the cells. Moreover, these Panasonic panels allow you to implement your solar system with a minimum space requirement.


Solar Inverters

Solar Inverter CochinWe use industry leading imported highly reliable solar inverters for all of the Solar System Projects we do. Our Solar inverters Use MTTP Solar Charge Controller that the best in currently available technology. Our Solar inverter is coming with inbuilt MTTP Charge controller allow the Solar power System in Ernakulam, Kerala to be more simple and reliable.  MTTP based Solar Inverters Give you maximumly converted power from the solar panels and highly stable compared to PWM Charge Controllers.  We have single MTTP, Dual MTTP, and Trio MTTP Solar Inverters in our inventory. Multiple MTTP Controllers in solar inverter allow you to place arrays of solar panels in Kerala in different sunlight direction and it will maximize the solar panel efficiency. This Pure sine wave solar inverters never cause any harm to your electrical equipment. The advanced charging controller in our solar inverter increases the performance of the solar battery in Cochin, Ernakulam, Kerala.

Call us today to get your solar system in Kerala, Cochin, Ernakulam. As a multinational technology expert and Top Solar System companies in Cochin, we maintain high quality on our products offer highly professional solar system installation in Cochin. If you are looking for best solar system Dealers in Ernakulam, Kochi Then Don’t wait. Call Us Today.

Solar System For Home & Solar System Installation

We offer professional Solar System Installation for Homes across Kerala. The performance of a Home Solar System completely depends upon the Solar System design and the quality of the product used in the System. We have a highly professional technical team they can design your home solar system cost-effectively. We never use imaginary values to design the solar system. Instead, we visit the client’s location and test all the parameters including sunlight availability and available panel deployment space with professional testing tools. It will reduce the tolerance, and you will get what you expect from the solar system. This actually reduces the system cost by not wasting money on the hardware you never wanted.

New Generation Solar Systems are never meant to reduce the Electricity Bill. Instead, eliminate the electricity connection entirely. You may think Solar Electricity is not enough to run your heavy appliances like fridge, Washing Machine, Motors, Air Condition Etc. The modern solar system can run your entire house without the connection from the state electricity board at any time of the year even at the monsoon.

Save Money With Solar PowerIf you need a Demo for a rooftop solar system or want to speak to our representative, feel free to speak to us at 91-4842626658 or write to us through our contact page. Remember Solar Systems are Your investment for tomorrow. A well designed solar system is having a lifetime of 20 to 25 Years. After the initial investment, you are going to save money on the electricity bill for a long time.


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