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Solar Inverter for HomeSolar Inverter System

The Solar Power System stores the electricity that the solar panels create during the daytime and feeds it into the in-house grid when required – for example, in the evening, when most energy consumers are running. Flin slim solar inverters are the perfect solution for home and office solar systems.FlinSlim MPPT makes going solar easy. You can connect the solar panels directly to the inverter, and the inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller will let you generate free power from solar energy. The intelligent system automatically gives priority to solar power over grid power. Slim Energy Solar inverters are available in both On Grid and Off Grid versions.

Flin Slim solar inverters are pure sine wave inverters with 93% peak efficiency. It is coming with an advanced battery charging algorithm for better battery performance. Flin energy Solar inverters are coming with short circuit protection and overload protection. The slim design of flying solar system Kerala allows it easily installs and capable of running all home electrical equipment. Example – Air Conditioner, Fridge, lights, and Motors.

Upgrade Your Solar System without Loss


Easu Upgradable Solar Power System Kerala

Our Solar System offers in Ernakulam, allows you to begin with a smaller capacity system and upgrade in the future without any loss. The Solar system is one of the best ways to save money on the electricity bill. Despite several advantages of Solar Power System,  most of the time people stuck on implementing the solar system because of the initial investment. We design your Solar system based on your budget and cost-effectively. You can choose a smaller capacity solar system, and the parallel expansion allows you to parallel connect multiple Solar inverters and attain a higher capacity. Up to 5, Solar Inverters can connect in Parallel. Our Solar System Inverters minimize the risks with a low maintenance system and track performance and monitoring the System from your computer.

MPPT Solar Inverter

Dual MTTP Solar Inverter Kerala

The MPPT Solar inverters (Maximum Power Point Tracking) converts DC electricity from solar panels into appliance friendly 240V AC electricity to either direct power loads, or to charge batteries via the separate inverter/charger unit. We carry MPPT Solar Inverters with different power capacity. MPPT Charge controllers are considered as highly stable and efficient Charge and loading system in Solar Industry. We have solar inverter models with Single, Dual, and Three MPPT Charge Controllers. Multiple MPPT in Solar Inverter increase the solar panel efficiently and allow you to connect different solar panel array in different MPPT Input. It is highly important when your solar panel deploying area in the roof divided into small islands and different angles. Unevenly deployed solar panels reduce the power output dramatically. This is where multiple MPPT help you to increase the efficiency. Wide MPPT DC Voltage range helps you to deploy a full combination of solar panels.

Any Solar System Completely depends on The sunlight. Kerala is known for heavy showers in monsoon Time. The Rainy days last months in a calendar Year. The sunlight availability in Monsoon is reduced a lot. It means your solar power generation is limited during the time. To solve this issue, you can use mono-crystalline solar panels. Mono Crystalline Solar Panels are known for high efficiency even under low light conditions but expensive than the polycrystalline solar panels that are widely used and commonly available. Multiple MPPT Solar Panels allows you to use arrays of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels under the same system resulting in solar energy throughout the year.

Off Grid, Hybrid and On Grid Solar Inverters

Off Grid Solar Inverters

off grid solar inverter cochinOff-grid Solar Inverters are designed to become completely independent from external energy supplies. Off Grid Solar Inverters are best suited for remote homes or Holiday houses and allow you to save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges. The Modern off Grid inverters can connect to the Grid and utilize the Grid energy to charge the batteries when the Solar Energy is not enough to handle the load.  These  Solar Inverters which utilize both Solar Panel input and Grid Energy Input giving you additional insurance on continuous power.


On Grid Solar Inverters –   Grid Tied Inverters

Grid Tied Solar Inverter KeralaOn Grid Solar Inverters are completely dependent on The Grid Connection. These systems feed the generated solar energy to the grid and you are benefitted from reduced electricity bill. The electricity company is going to charge only the difference between your total usage and Solar Generated Electricity. On Grid or Grid-Tied Inverters doesn’t provide any assurance against grid failure because once grid down your supply also down. However, The efficiency and cost of the system are high on On Grid inverters.


Ongrid Battery Tied Solar Inverters

ongrid inverter with batteryThe Third Category is newly added to the Solar inverter Product Line. It is called Ongrid Battery Tied Solar Inverters. It is a combination of On-Grid and off-grid solar inverters. The Solar  Panel Generated power can directly feed to load and Charge the Battery. At the Same time it can feed the excess energy generated by solar panels to Grid .this kind of Systems are highly effective in Indian Scenario where power cuts and line failures are frequent.  On Grid Battery, Connected Inverters can Maximize your savings and at the same time give you assurance against power failures.


We carry a wide range of solar inverter models in Kerala. We can supply and Install Solar Inverters along with a project or buy separately for your project. VDS founded in 2009 With many years of experience; we offer a one-stop solution for your Solar System project. We have a full in-house team of solar system technicians and Support Engineers. Our team is capable of providing high standards of workmanship. We offer services throughout Kerala. Our technology approach allows us to efficiently manage solar installations from beginning to end.

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