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We blessed with abundant solar energy compared to several other countries in the word. For us it an ideal condition to move forward by generating solar energy with a Home solar power system in Kerala. It will help you reduce the electricity bill in Kerala, India or else entirely avoid depending on the state electrical companies such as KSEB in Kerala. As a Leading Solar Company in Ernakulum, Kerala we offer Solar System Solution services to all the districts in Kerala.

We can help you efficiently build your solar power system. There several low-quality products out there that can waste your money. Once you decided on a solar system for home electricity in Kerala, we always study your actual power requirement and propose you with the best solar system suited your requirements with industry standard components. Solar energy for homes cost in Kerala ultimately depend on the components used for solar system and Capacity of the System.We always design the solar power system for office and home in a way that the systems can expand in the future without throwing out any hardware. It allows people to opt for Solar Energy in Kerala even in a minimum budget and widen the system in the future based on their budget. Whatever your budget for the solar system we make sure you will have the maximum solar generated energy that will return your initial investment very fast.

Know before Buying a Home Solar System

We believe successful design involves accurate knowledge of daily electrical load calculation and accounts for all worst-case scenarios which might occur during operation. Next time somebody approaches you with a solar system, make sure all the components are approved and quality components. As a customer, it is essential you should understand the technology involved and the components used in the solar system. We always explain to our customers what are the components using in the solar system, what brand of products using and what are the ratings of the product. Most of the Solar System Companies in Ernakulam, Kerala never tell you the details. We believe it is the right of the customer to know they are spending their hard earned money on any junk product or not. Most of the customers didn’t understand the terms efficiency of the solar system, the temperature coefficient of solar panels, MPPT charge controller, Monocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline panels, etc. See below the significant components of a complete Home Solar Power System to understand better.

Solar Panels [ Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystlline]

Buy Solar Panels Cochin ErnakulamThese are two types of solar panels widely used in Kerala, India. That is Poly Crystalline Solar Panels and Mono Crystalline Solar Panels. Polycrystalline solar panels are more popular because of the price factor. Monocrystalline Solar Panels are little expensive that Polycrystalline solar panels but give high efficiency even in the rainy days in Kerala.

Which is the best solar panel for your use?. Well, it depends completely on the following points.

  •  Your Budget.
  • Your Geographical Location
  • Area available for Solar Panel Installation

Monocrystalline solar panels are highly efficient compared to polycrystalline solar panels. But it is not suited for some areas because of the high-temperature-coefficient of most of the solar panel brands available in Kerala. Temperature coefficient means, during the operation, the temperature of the panel surface increases it results in decreased power output. It is the reason most of the solar system companies in Cochin, Kerala tells you that Monocrystalline solar panels are not suited for Kerala. Thanks for the Panasonic HIT Monocrystalline solar panels. Panasonic Corporation has achieved the world’s leading output temperature coefficient for mass-produced silicon photovoltaic modules. We use Panasonic HIT Monocrystalline solar panels for our Projects. It is essential you choose solar panels with high-temperature-coefficient Pmax value to get maximum output. In some cases, the heat factor can reduce your production by 10% to 25% depending on your particular location.

We use Panasonic HIT Monocrystalline solar panels for our Projects. It is critical you choose solar panels with high-temperature-coefficient Pmax value to get maximum output. In some cases, the heat factor can reduce your production by 10% to  25% depending on your particular location. In real world scenario, you are wasting 25% of your Investment on Solar panels.

If you are looking for Quality Solar panels in Ernakulam, Kerala then contacts us. We carry MNRE Approved Solar Panels for a home to choose from. We make sure you will get the highly competitive solar panel price in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Solar Batteries

Solar Battery for Home KeralaChoosing the right batteries for your solar system is a major factor. Most of the batteries not capable of giving back 100% stored energy based on their rating. If you drain your battery completely, it will severely affect its lifetime.  An average you can get 50% from the standard battery to get a decent life. This where c10 Solar batteries were coming into the picture. C10 Solar batteries can support deep discharge and recharge more cycles compared to regular batteries. It means you can use C10 Solar batteries for a long time even you discharge the battery to 80% of the capacity. It is essential in a solar power system because the batteries will give the maximum output power from its storage each day and it significantly increase your savings. So the next sunny day it can recharge fully based on your solar panel power capacity.

In other words, C10 Batteries reduce your storage battery AH Requirement by 30% compared to other batteries. We use Excide Solar batteries for our projects. Exide is a long known trusted name in India related to batteries. Other options we provide in Solar Batteries are HBL C10 Batteries and Luminus c10 Solar battery. If you are looking for best solar batteries in Kerala, call us to get the best pricing. We have several brands and models to choose solar batteries for your Home or Office Solar Systems.

Solar Inverters with MPPT Charge controllers

Solar Inverter for Home Kerala IndiaMPPT and PWM are the commonly used two technologies involved in solar charge controllers. Solar Charge controllers are converting the DC Power generated by solar panels to rated battery rechargeable power. Why MPPT Based Solar inverters are very important?. Among the both controllers, MPPT Charge controllers are most Trusted, Reliable and efficient controllers.PWM Charge Controllers are simple and less expensive. But it cannot cover the full capacity of the solar panels to storable energy. Next time somebody gives very cheap solutions or easily outpass the competition you may end up with a PWM Based inefficient solar inverter. So our suggestion is not to look into lowest price tag always. You may end up with a nearly outdated technology and the long run you are not able to use the full capacity of the expensive solar panels.

Our solar inverter offerings are completely MPPT Based and at the same time capable of running the load directly from solar panels. It means if there is enough capacity solar panels it can recharge your battery for the night usage and run your electrical equipment at the same time. These type of solar inverters are called hybrid inverters. The use of hybrid inverters gives you two advantages. The first one is to start with the solar system with minimum battery investment. The Second advantage is these type of system allow you to increase the system capacity by parallel connecting multiple solar inverters.

We even carry inverters with dual and triple MPPT Charge Controllers. Multiple charge controllers are capable of increasing the efficiency dramatically by squeezing the maximum from the solar panels.

Kerala is known for beautiful houses. Once you make up your mind for solar power systems, you may find out there is little room for solar panels. You may need to install the solar panels different areas in the roof. It is because the roof top of each house is different. Some areas are may angled and Some areas may flat. If you deploy some solar panels with one angle and some other solar panels in the different angle, the overall output of the solar panels reduced a lot. Dual MPPT Solar Inverters allow you to deploy arrays of solar panels in various available spaces and at the same time ensure maximum output.

Off-Grid Solar System and On-Grid Solar Systems

Solar Systems in Kerala classified as two separate categories. Off-Grid Solar System and On-Grid Solar Systems. Off-Grid Solar Power Systems allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid. The benefit of off-grid solar systems are, it can Provide power for your critical loads when the power grid is down.

On-Grid Solar power Systems can only generate power when the utility electricity grid is available.  They must connect to the grid to function.  They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing so you credit it on the bill. The principal disadvantage is you have to face the frequent power cuts in Kerala. Because once the grid is offline, there is no source for your power requirements when you are using an on-grid solar system.

What We can Offer in Residential Solar System

As a leading Solar System company in Ernakulam Kerala, we always provide High-quality cost-effective solutions to our customers. Whether you want to buy the solar system in Kerala, India or Looking for buying solar panels in Kerala, we have several solar products for solar energy system for a home.

VDS founded in 2009 in Dubai and branches in India, Bahrain, Kenya, and Nigeria. We have technical expertise in different Verticals includes Telephone Systems, Renewable Energy, IT Solutions and Security Systems. Our experience and skills make sure you have the best solutions in the solar system in Cochin.

Solar System Service Support

We offer high-quality service for our Solar System Installations. We can give you the option to connect your solar system online, and you can monitor the system from any computer. From our side, our  Engineers will monitor the system twice a month to check the possible system issues. The customers have to never worry about the system issues. If we found even a minor issue, the engineers are assigned immediately to look after. There are no more calls or service queues.


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