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Exide Solar Batteries ErnakulamSolar Batteries Cochin Kerala

Why there is a Term Solar Battery? Not all the batteries are same. Batteries are designed specifically based on different application. Exide Industries one of the leader in Battery producers in India Come up with Solar Batteries specifically designed for your solar power system. Exide solar tubular batteries are many steps ahead of other options available in the market.With selectively chosen alloy and unique technology allow the Exide solar batteries in Cochin to be more efficient compared to other brands.

Exide solar batteries in Ernakulam offer Superior Performance, High Reliability & Guaranteed service life. Most importantly Excide solar batteries are C10 Rated. That means these batteries are suitable for long discharge, inverter application, and solar system application.

Why are C10 Rated batteries important for solar system application?

C10 stands for the discharge rate of the battery. Most of the solar system buyers don’t know anything about the Discharge Rating of the battery.The battery dealer never tells you that your battery is rated C10 or C20. Most battery sells nowadays for inverters and solar systems are C20 rating. Discharge rate for battery means when your load increases the battery drained out faster. You may find nothing new about it. As everybody knows when load increase the battery backup time reduces. The important part is the reduction is not in proportion with the exact load increases.If you run a 100w load and you get a total time of 8 hours. Your logical calculation is going to be for the 200w load is 4 Hours. Actually based on the rating of battery you end up getting a backup of  3 hours. The C rating defines the actual loss may occur when load increases. lesser the C value you have a better backup.

With higher currents, the battery will dissipate more heat across its internal resistance, which has the effect of altering the chemical reactions taking place within. Chances are, the battery would fully discharge some time before the calculated real life value.

Why Choose Exide Solar Batteries?

Exide Solar Battery CochinExide Solar batteries Perform consistently, even under severe weather and atmospheric conditions. The low water loss during the operation results in very low maintenance.The Tubular design allows quick recharge even after a deep discharge.Exide Solar Batteries in Aluva built with advanced torr tubular technology.Most importantly these solar batteries are designed for Deep cycling up to 80%. It means these batteries support, more number of full charging and complete discharging compared to other batteries.It will significantly increase your solar system efficiency as well as protect your investment for a long time.

Exide solar tubular batteries in Kerala are rechargeable with the very low charging current. The current produced from solar panels will not be consistent throughout the day and it is completely dependent on the intensity of the sunlight. This feature is highly effective in order to fully recharge the battery during the low light conditions.

Other than solar power system in Cochin, these batteries are highly suited for Inverters and UPS. As an Exide Solar battery dealer in Ernakulam, we carry all the models in our inventory.Call us today for your highly profitable quality solar systems and solar inverters in Kerala.

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