Grandstream VoIP Phones offer superb sound quality with an outstanding level of functionality and comatibility. All Grandstream IP Phones are compatible with SIP protocol and work with the majority of VoIP PBX systems.

Grandstream IP Phones are cost effective and designed for basic phone users all the way up to enterprise users and managers.

Contact us for Grandstream Phone Dubai, UAE. We can supply and install Grandstream Phones any where in UAE . Our services area includes Abudhabi, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Kaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, All Ain, Ajman and Khor Fakkan.

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grandstream dp720 dp750 dubai


Gradstream Dubai offering new hands-free phones for offices and homes in Dubai. We provide Granstream DP750 Dect base and DP720 Dect Phones in Dubai. DP750/ 720 is the next generation of powerful, affordable, high quality and simple to configure VoIP DECT phones for small business and residential users. Their compact size, superb voice quality, rich feature set, market leading price performance and wide range radio coverage enable consumers to maximize the power of IP voice application and mobility for a minimum investment. DP720/750 is SIP and DECT compliant and field proved for flexible deployment. VDSAE is the largest provider of IP phones in Dubai.

grandstream dp722 dect

Grandstream DP722

grandstream dp730 dect phone dubai

Grandstream DP730 Dect Phone

Grandstream DP730 designed for employee or user mobility and suited for homes, offices, warehouses and factories. The DP730 offer high-quality audio communications with high-end performance. The DP730 IS used with grandstream Dect base stations DP750 and DP752. Up to 5 numbers of DP 730 can use with the base station.DP730 Dect Phone provides 2.4-inch color display, HD Audio, Up to 10 SIP Users in One Handset and  3.5 MM headset Jack. This office DECT phone offers a blazing 40 hours talk time and range of 50 meters indoor and 400 meters outdoor while used with DP752 Base.

grandstream dp752 dect base

Grandstream DP752

grandstream gac2500 dubai

Grandstream GAC2500 Conference Phone

Grandstream GAC2500 is a ideal conference solution that delivers a modern design paired with HD audio and a suite of productivity-focused features. The Android-based GAC2500 offers access to features and functionality not traditionally found in conference phones.


grandstream grp2612 ip telephone

Grandstream GRP2612 IP Phone

Grandstream GRP2612 is a 2 SIP Account color screen phone with 100mps network connectivity. The color screen is 2.4 inch in size and there are 4 feature line keys on both sides of the screen. The GRP2612 feature 500 contact phone book and the line keys support 16 virtual BLF Keys. The Opus codec support ensures crystal clear audio for your office communications.

grandstream grp2612w wireless phone

Grandstream GRP2612W IP Phone

Grandstream GRP2612W is a 2 SIP Account color screen phone with both wired and wireless network connectivity.  The GRP2612W feature 500 contact phone book and the line keys support 16 virtual BLF Keys. The Opus codec support ensures crystal clear audio for your office communications. The GRP2612W IP Phone color screen is 2.4 inch in size and there are 4 feature line keys on both sides of the screen.


grandstream grp2613 ip telephone

Grandstream GRP2613 IP Phone

Grandstream GRP2613 is a medium level office IP Phone with a 2.8 Inch color screen. The GRP2613 offer support for 3 SIP Accounts and a total of 6 Line keys. The Line keys can configure for up to 24 virtual BLF Actions.  The Ethernet ports support Giga Network speeds and POE Supported. The Phone Book feature 500 Contact storage space and also support remote phone book. High Quality, Crystal clear audio is ensured with Opus Codec Support.

grandstream grp2614

Grandstream GRP2614 IP Phone

The Grandstream GRP2614 is a Dual Screen IP Phone with Many connectivity options. The Main Display is 2.8 Inch size, Colour LCD and the secondary screen in 2.4-inch Color LCD Screen. The Secondary screen is dedicated to BLF Buttons. The GRP2614 also feature Bluetooth 5, Wifi network connectivity and 4 SIP Accounts. The Dual ethernet ports in this executive office phone offer Gigabit network speeds and POE Support.



Grandstream GRP2615 IP Phone

Grandstream GRP2615 is a modern business phone suitable for both Busy executives and Reception. It Features 16 VoIP account registration, 4.3 Inch color Display and support for 4.3-inch optional expansion module. It offers several connectivity options such a Wifi Network connectivity, Gigabit Network Ports and Bluetooth. GRP2615 VoIP Phone offers lifelike audio quality and opus codec support. It has 10 Line keys and the network ports are POE Supported.

Grandstream GXP1760 IP Phone

Grandstream GXP1760 IP Phone

GXP1760 IP phone from Grandstream is a powerful and intuitive business phone that integrates advanced features to users daily life. Grandstream GXP 1760 is a mid-range phone targetted for SMB customers offer a sleek design and features.These Grandstream Phones support three sip accounts, six lines appearances and 24 on screen BLF keys.The GXP 1760 has a 200×80 backlit LCD screen with a clear bright view and easy to use functionalities.The Dual Ethernet ports and POE support Allow secure network connectivity.




Grandstream GXP1780 IP Phone

Grandstream GXP1780 VoIP Phone

Grandstream GXP1780 IP Telephone is the new offering from Grandstream in the mid-range VoIP Phone segment.The GXP1780 IP Phone supports 4 SIP accounts and 8 line appearances along with Dual color line keys. These VoIP phones designed for the workforce who required enterprise level VoIP phone without spending too much on expensive high-end telephones. The backlit 200 x80 pixel LCD screen offer a  clear view to a user, and an array of dedicated function keys like the phone directory, transfer, meeting, headset, mute, and volume give maximum flexibility.These VoIP phone includes storage for 2,000 phonebook records and 500 call history records.



Grandstream Dubai introducing new economic phone granstream GXP1105. Grandstream GXP1105 IP Small Business Phone (no PSU) HD audio quality PoE, A phone with a SIP account, up to two lines simultaneously, 4 programmable keys.This is best option for your offices and homes in Dubai.

Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone

Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone

The Grandstream GXP1610 single line VoIP Phone with a 132×48 pixel LCD display and  2 call appearances while handling a single SIP account.GXP1610 Support  LCD display with 3-way conferencing. High quality sound experience is assured with full-duplex speakerphone, echo cancellation and the ability to be paired with a wireless Plantronics headset. Power Over Ethernet is not available with this phone. The device is supplied with a power adapter to connect with power source.

Grandstream GXP1615 IP Phone

Grandstream GXP1615 IP Phone

Grandstream’s GXP1615 IP Phone is an entry-level business phone with 1 SIP account. It features up to 2 call appearances, 3 XML programmable soft keys and integrated POE This user-friendly IP Phone is packed with many VoIP features at an affordable cost. GXP1615 includes 3-way voice conferencing to maximize productivity for business applications.

Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai

Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone

The Grandstream  GXP1625  Dubai is a  standard IP phone for small businesses. This Linux-based, 2-line IP Phone includes 3-way conferencing to keep workers in-touch and productive. A 132×48 backlit LCD screen creates a clear display for easy viewing. Additional features such as dual-switched 10/100mbps ports, HD audio, multi-language support, integrated PoE (GXP1625 only) and 3 XML programmable soft keys allow the GXP1620/1625 to be a high quality, versatile and dependable office phone.