Solar Power System Dubai

Solar Dubai offers solutions and services in the areas of Solar Energy Generation and Solar Energy Efficiency Services. We offer end to end service for identifying the best solution for Solar System with engineering and construction of Solar Power  Plant in Dubai. Solar Energy Generation for Home, Offices, and Industries calculated by analyzing the present energy consumption and savings on electricity bill after the Solar System Installation. We supply Solar PV Products and at the same time undertake the solar projects in Dubai. We offer professional Solar System solutions from Designing, Supply and installing Solar Power system and maintain the system to the level of energy saving you expected.

Solar Dubai offers you guaranteed savings in your electricity bill via comprehensive and highly customized energy efficiency solar system solutions. Roof Top Solar power systems can save a lot of money in your electricity expense. Our sales and technical team will design a custom solar PV system to fit your home or Business, and most importantly, match your budget. Solar PV panels and Solar Systems are highly reliable

What is Solar Power System?

The Term Photovoltaic technology used to describe converting solar energy into usable electricity. Solar Panels are used to generate electricity from light. Solar Power is the cheapest source of energy except for the initial investment in the solar system. Solar Panels installed typically on the rooftop, and the photovoltaic (PV) cells convert the sunlight into Dc electricity. The Solar  Inverters convert the DC electricity to AC Electricity to use in the Appliances. If it is Battery Supported  Solar System, the charge controllers use the Same DC Electricity from solar panels to charge the batteries.

Backup supported on grid solar system which is highly popular because of its insurance on continuous power. These solar systems consist of 3 main elements. That is Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Solar Inverters and Solar Battery. The Solar Panels converted the Sun Light to Usable electricity and stored in the batteries.  Modern Solar Systems allow the Battery charging and run the appliances from solar panel generated electricity at the same time. During the night time when there is no sunlight available, the electrical appliances use the electricity stored in the Solar Batteries.

Advantages Of Solar System

Solar Energy is the great way to get independence from Electricity companies. Rising electricity cost is becoming a big burden for homeowners and business owners. Consumption of the electricity generated by the own solar PV system reduces the dependency on electricity companies and reduce the spending dramatically. Installing a Solar Power system in Dubai reduces electricity cost for both home and business owners. Solar Power Systems ensure lower and stable electricity cost throughout the entire service life of the solar system. Solar Power Systems protect you from rising electricity costs while protecting the environment.

  • Lower electricity bill
  • Independence from increases in the electricity costs
  • Higher returns from the solar PV system

Solar Panels

We offer high-quality Panasonic Solar panels to our Customers. We offer Poly Crystalline, and Mono Crystalline solar panels depend on the Project. Our Imported solar inverters allow us to combine both Poly Crystalline and Mono Crystalline panels and Ensure solar energy availability entire year even during the Rainy Months.It is because of Monocrystalline panels is highly efficient and ensures the solar energy availability in monsoon season.But Monocrystalline panels are expensive than polycrystalline panels. Combining both in a Solar Project ensure cost effectiveness and availability. Panasonic Solar in Kerala is a known for reliability and product quality. Panasonic offers highest efficient solar panels compared to other solar panels for home.The unique technology offer by Panasonic solar makes the panels durable, high performance and efficiency.


Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are the intelligent part of the whole solar system. We supply and install Imported Solar Inverters in Kerala. Our Solar Inverters are coming with internal MPPT Charge controller. MPPT Charge controllers considered as the best Charge controllers in the solar industry which are highly stable and efficient operation.Our Smart Solar Inverts are capable of handling the solar panel generated energy intelligently by sharing the excess battery charging electricity to the appliances.It Will ensure optimal performance of the Solar System.Another Advantage of the Solar Inverters we offer is the ability to choose multiple charge solar charge controllers based Inverters. Our product range includes Single, Dual and triple charge controller based Solar Inverters. As a Leading solar power dealers in Kerala, we can offer highest discounted price on Solar inverters.


Solar Battery

All the batteries not designed for Solar Systems. Solar Systems required deep cycle batteries to ensure maximum efficiency. It is important because you are not buying the solar power system for 1 or 2-year use. These batteries should capable of handle deep discharge of the battery up to 80 %, maximum no of time.Normal batteries are designed to give back 50 % of stored energy. The Use of normal batteries with deep discharge will effectively reduce its lifetime. We offer Exide C10 Solar Batteries for the solar projects in Kerala. Exide batteries are coming with a 5-year warranty and an effective lifetime of 10 Years.Efficiency and quality of the battery are important to determine the lifetime of the solar system and the energy generated.As an Exide Solar Battery Dealer in Ernakulam, we can offer best price support on Solar Batteries.You have the solar power availability only at daytime.The performance of the solar battery defines how much energy you can store and use at night time.


Solar System Installation

Most of the solar companies in Kerala never give you what they offer in the solar system rating. Our highly professional installation and experienced, quality designs make sure you have maximum savings each day.For Solar Panel Installation the best location is always roof top even for a home or a commercial establishment.We carry all the mounting products to install the solar panels nicely and efficiently without harming your home exterior. The Solar inverters and batteries commonly installed near the mains.We provide solar system installation in Kerala with network connectivity option. It will allow the customer to monitor his Solar PV system from any computer. We use industry standard testing tools to determine the actual sunlight availability and solar panel positioning. We use Solar Pathfinder to determine the optimal location and angle of the solar panels. Incorrectly aligned solar panels can reduce the output dramatically. It eventually leads to a loss of your money.

Site Inspection for Solar Installation

Site Visit is Important for any solar system installation.Many Solar Companies in Dubai Try to Give the entire proposal without a site inspection. It will lead to improper handling of the project and a customer you will not get the savings expected from the solar system.It is because the solar system design can never do by just sitting in the office and doing it based on clients input.

Sunlight is the source of energy in a Solar Power System. Without inspecting the site, the availability of sunlight cannot determine without the site visit. Determining the Sunlight availability is the backbone of any solar power system design in Kochi, Dubai, India. Another important factor is the Space availability of the Solar Panel deployment in Roof. In our experience, any of the customers never want to compromise the look and feel of their beautiful home. Let Our experienced solar engineers visit your home and offer the best possible solution for you.

Our Solar Service Offers in Dubai

From designing and installing the Solar Power system to taking care of every little detail of the project, we manage the entire process for you, from start to finish. If you are interested in Solar System, You can contact us by Phone or Email. Our Sales Engineers First understand your requirement and propose a best cost-effective solar power system solution based on your budget. Solar panel installation is always a creative job, and in our case, both the quality and Neatness assured.