Grandstream IPVideoTalk Video Conferencing App 


Grandstream IPVideoTalk Video Conferencing App 

Grandstream has launched a reliable app known as IPVideoTalk, a web meeting and collaboration platform that allows users to conduct effective remote meetings, presentations, training, classes, and sessions that can be attended using many devices ranging from Mac, PC, and Ios/Android devices.  Grandstream IPVideoTalk enables you to simply conduct meetings, video conferences, or audio conferences, that your team can join from anywhere around the world.


Grandstream IPVideoTalk Video Conferencing App 

Grandstream IPVideoTalk app enables you to easily join meetings and connect with your colleagues from anywhere around the world using any Android-enabled device, be it a tablet or a mobile phone. The app easily connects with any IPVideoTalk meeting, with a user simply following a few easy steps. The Grandstream IPVideoTalk guarantees you smooth video conference experiences, thanks to its HD Audio and Video output format which enables you to keenly follow meeting proceedings and engage effectively. It simply allows you to view the presenter’s screen, share your screen with the team, and even discuss matters concerning the subject in question. You do not have to purchase any licenses in order to use the IPVideoTalk meeting since it is completely free. All you need is an active subscription for you to successfully host a meeting on Grandstream IPVideoTalk. You can check out more information about the app on

Grandstream Ipvideotalk Uae

Grandstream Ipvideotalk Uae

Grandstream IPVideoTalk Features:

  • HD Audio & Video Quality: The Grandstream IPVideoTalk delivers crystal clear images (1080p HD Video resolutions) and sounds during meetings. This ensures that every conference participant can clearly hear and see without straining, resulting in highly interactive and productive meetings.
  • Polling: You can effectively interact with your teammates in a virtual meeting from any remote location such as a home office. As a host, you can now easily start polling anytime during the meeting. You can carry out polling anonymously or you can use every participant’s real name. You can also schedule many rounds of polling before the meeting and randomly select one of them during the meeting session. The Grandstream IPVideoTalk enables you to video the polling results in real–time and shares the results with all the attendees during the meeting.
  • Slack Plug–In: Grandstream IPVideoTalk enables you to set up instant meetings, plan meetings, and join meetings courtesy of Slack. Once your Slack administrator finds the IPVideoTalk plug–in on Slack and installs it, you can start an IPVideoTalk Session using a simple command of “ipvt”. All users under Slack Workspace can therefore join in and start a meeting.
  • Share Video:  ShareVideo feature enables WebRTC clients to simply share content with colleagues. You can simply click the “Share Desktop’s Videos” button which appears in the notifications pop-up window. This mode ensures crystal clear video since it is specifically adapted to video mode.
  • Flexibility: You can download the free Grandstream IPVideoTalk on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and attend any meetings on your PC, Mac, iOS and Android device.
  • Poweful Screen Sharing: Grandstream IPVideoTalk allows you to seamlessly share screen so as display content during presentations, watch videos, review websites, and many other functions.
  • Meeting Chat: This feature of the Grandstream IPVideoTalk allows meeting attendees to communicate through typed chat when not speaking, to send links, contact information, or other important information.
  • Instantly Join Your Meetings: The Grandstream IPVideoTalk helps you save time by starting your meetings instantly from Chrome or Firefox browsers with one 1-click, without further configurations or downloads.
  • Video Conference: The Grandstream IPVideoTalk is designed to support up to 150 meeting participants and 49 simultaneous video feeds.
  • Built-in Scheduler: The Grandstream IPVideoTalk comes with an in-built scheduler that reminds attendees of upcoming meetings and automatically notifies them when the start-up time is on. This ensures that you never miss out on any important meetings.
  • Conference Room Integration: The Grandstream IPVideoTalk enables you to hold conferences on your GVC that can be joined by other GVCs and web users.
Grandstream Ipvideotalk Sharjah

Grandstream Ipvideotalk Sharjah

Setting up the Focus Video Speaker / Speaker Video:

Below are the few steps in setting a specific participant as a focus video layout or speaker video layout on the participant’s list:

  1. Select a specific participant on the participant’s list
  2. Click the button following the participant
  3. Click “Set as Focus Video”/”Set as speaker video” to set the video layout.

Grandstream IPVideoTalk Specifications:

Supported Devices – PC/Mac web browsers, VoIP phones, Android/iOS mobile devices through IPVideoTalk Mobile app, GVC3200, GVC3202

Maximum Video Resolution Basic – 720p HD, 30 fps Pro/Business – 1080p FHD, 30 fps

Video Transcoding Cloud-based H.264/VP8

 HD voice – G.722

Max Screen Sharing Resolution – Up to 1080p at 5fps

Security Encryption AES-128/streaming

Meeting Control – Via meeting host (mobile device, browser, or GVC device) – mute, unmute, video, chat, kick-out an attendee, etc

Supported Browsers – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer No plug-in/client software download or installation needed for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

NAT Traversal – Yes

Meeting Scheduler – Yes (cloud-based via