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yeastar d30 card

Yeastar D30 Card

Threw Yeastar D30 Card add additional Concurrent calls and Extension capacity to the S Series PBX Models S100 and S300. It can expand the system capacity to 100 VoIP Users & 30 Concurrent Calls.

Yeastar EX08 Card Dubai

Yeastar EX08 Card

The EXO8 Card from Yeastar designed for S series IP PBX System. It provides the FXO and FXS functionality for S100 and S300 PBX Systems.

yeastar ex30 pri card

Yeastar EX30 Card

The Yeastar EX30 Card is a PRI Interface card for Yeastar S Series IP PBX Models S100 and S300. It’s a single port PRI Module.

Yeastar K2 IP PBX System

Yeastar K2 IP PBX System

Yeastar K2  IP PBX System is the answer for enterprise customers with a Single Site or Large Multi-Site Network.The system is designed with industry standard components and robust enterprise-level features to enhance communications.Yesatar K2 IP PBX has the capability of 2000 Users and able to handle 500 calls at a time.

Yeastar S100 Dubai

Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S100 is a powerful IP-PBX that can control your office telephone system for 100 users and 30 concurrent calls nd can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls.The Yeastar S100 S-Series as a whole provides an array of components and new features that should help customers to enjoy effective communications.


Yeastar S20 Dubai

Yeastar S20 IP PBX

The Yeastar S20 stands for the entry level version of new S series IP PBX System, providing to 20 lines and 10 concurrent phone calls. Yeastar S20 IP PBX constructed utilizing the very latest modern technology as well as delivers excellent price savings, efficiency and also effectiveness improvements, providing power, high quality, and satisfaction.

Yeastar S50

Yeastar S50 IP PBX

Yeastar S50 IP PBX made with the small and average sized business in mind, supporting up to 50 individuals as well as developed utilizing the very latest modern technology. The Yeastar S-Series supplies exceptional cost savings, efficiency and also performance improvements, delivering power,  quality, and assurance.

Yeastar TA3200 VoIP Gateway

Yeastar TA3200 FXS Gateway

Yeastar TA3200 is a 32 Port FXS Analog Gateway with rich functionalities and easy configuration.Yeastar TA3200 FXS VoIP Gateways IS  cutting-edge product that connects legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP telephony System networks.