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Sangoma IP Phones DubaiSangoma VoIP Phones are SIP Phones that work any SIP Supported IP PBX Systems. Sangoma IP Phones offer specific Features, available only with FreePBX and FreePBX Act.Sangama offer range of IP Phones that suits the demands of all kind of Users.Sangoma phones offer Zero Touch configuration.It will allow you to Reduce installation and integration time by a factor of 10 by leveraging Sangoma’s secure Redirection Service and PBXact EndPoint Manager software. All Sangoma phones are enabled to provide secure configuration (HTTPS), Secure VoIP Protocol, Voice (TLS and SRTP). Th onboard VPN clients that integrate directly with Sangoma Telephone Systems.

Sangoma IP  Phones Supports easy ad-hoc 5-way conference calls.It will reduce the use of conference bridges and wait for conference bridge availability.The revolutionary Sangoma Phone Apps reduce the need to remember complex feature codes.

The high-quality Audio quality offered by Sangoma Phones bring your business communications to next level.Sangoma VoIP Phone offer built-in high definition voice codecs for amazing call clarity in 1:1 calls, conference calls, and over-the-speaker phone.

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Sangoma S205 Dubai
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