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As one of the leading Solar Companies in Kerala VDS offers cost effective solar solutions that save a lot of money. We offer Complete Solar System Design, Installation and Product Supply. The proper design and installation make your Solar system efficient and cost effective while maintaining higher product quality standards.Most of The Solar Companies provide the solar system, doesn’t make sure your future requirements. When you are planning for the upgrade in the future you may end up changing the hardware and in it leads to loss.We always design the Solar System future proof.

Our Sollar inverters support parallel expansion. It means you can add a 5000w inverter to your existing inverter and together it generate 10000 watts. There no need for changing the Solar inverter for Upgrade.Wide Solar Voltage Range allows easy upgradations of solar panels. All of our solar Inverters are MTTP Supported. MTTP Charge Controllers are considered one of the most efficient and stable Charge controllers currently available.

Depending on your energy usage electricity company, Such as KSEB in Kerala offer different rates slabs for electricity usage with different cost Formula. Customers with higher electricity usage have to pay higher per Unit rate compared to lower Slab.It is highly recommended to use solar power for customers with higher consumption. Because Solar Power System Plant reduce your overall electricity usage from KSEB and you will be moved to lower slabs. Obviously along with the saving on electricity you can enjoy lower per unit rates as well.

Major Components of a Solar Power Systems

A complete Solar Power System consists of several Components. Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, and Solar Batteries are the major components of a solar plant.The Quality and efficiency of these components determine the effectiveness of solar power system.An inefficient Solar Panel may be cheap but mostly end up generate low power based on their ratings and less life span compared to quality solar panels. We saw several solar panel manufacturers giving 10-year warranty but those solar panel companies founded less than 5 years time.We use Panasonic Solar Panels for all of our projects.Panasonic is in Solar business from last 40 years and providing high efficiency and high-quality solar panels with 25 Years warranty. Panasonic high-efficiency solar panels are a long-term investment and designed with reliability and quality.

Another Major Component is the Solar Inverter. Today’s Technologically advanced solar inverters are capable of running the load and charging the battery same time.The smart sharing feature intelligently shares the solar panel generated electricity to the load and battery. The third one, the Solar Batteries store energy from the solar panels and give it back to the load. We rely on Exide Solar Battery for the projects. Exide offers C10 Solar battery with Deep cycling. These Exide solar batteries having the lifespan of 10 years.

Solar Companies in ErnakulamCost of a Solar System

There are several factors involved in a solar system costing. Installation costs can vary depending upon the type of roof available for solar panel installation.The installation of solar panels on angled roof is higher compared to flat roof solar panel installation.The Quality of the products, Type Of Battery and Type of Solar inverters used are the major cost deciding factors. We recommend using quality products for your Home Solar System. Because properly designed, the Standard Quality product involved solar system can serve you up to 25 Years.

Our Solar System Solutions in Kerala allow you to begin with a smaller system and upgrade in the future without any loss. You can choose a smaller capacity solar system and the parallel expansion allows you to parallel connect multiple inverters and attain a higher capacity. Minimize the risks with a low maintenance system and track performance and monitoring the System from your computer.

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VDS founded in 2009 With many years of experience, we offer one stop solution for your Solar System project. We have a full in-house team of solar system technicians and Support Engineers. Our team is capable of providing high standards of workmanship. We offer services throughout Kerala. Our technology approach allows us to efficiently manage solar installations from beginning to end.

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