The evolution of solar power system in India

What is solar power system?

The mechanism of converting energy from sunlight into electrical energy is called solar per system. It is being done either directly using the photovoltaic or indirectly with the use of concentrated solar power. The indirect ways of energy production use the lenses or mirrors to with tracking system to focus on the large beam of sunlight through the tracking system. The direct way uses photovoltaic cells for the conversion of sunlight into electric current.

How solar power system beneficial

It is the production of energy which uses pure energy from the sun thus the system drives clean energy. Installing a solar panel on your house will help you in combat the emission of greenhouse gas and helps in reducing the dependence on fossil fuels for energy production.

The major advantage of installing solar power panels is the reduction of electricity cost. Solar panel installation reduces the electricity bills, the energy from the sun can be used to generate electricity that can be used to run different household appliances, also if you are able to produce excess energy than it can provide to the public grid of your area.

On per the second basis, the sun is able to send around 42 trillion kilocalories of sunlight energy to our planet. if we are able to convert the entire 100% of this energy than we can produce one year’s worth of electricity for our entire planet with just one hour of energy conversion. It is the most powerful form of renewable energy resource.

Solar panel angle for Kerala

The correct placement of solar panel is the most important thing to consider before installing one. Before installing a solar panel it is important to find the right direction for the placement of solar panel. This is a very important step to consider as the direction varies from country to country.

India is the country which lies in the southern hemisphere which makes the sun to travel in an elliptical trajectory moving from east to west inclined towards the south. Hence, in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight, the solar panels have to be placed accordingly.

The right direction for Cochin Kerala is decided according to the latitude of the position of your house. Based on the latitude of Kerala it is being determined that the tilt angle for the solar panel shall be approximately 10 to 12 degrees.

What is solar pathfinder?

The solar pathfinder is used to provide a panoramic view of the entire site to be covered; it is being done by using highly polished transparent dome of convex plastic. The surface of the dome helps in finding all the obstacles to the sunlight, the obstacles can be in the form trees, buildings, house etc. these obstacles come as the reflection on the dome’s surface. The diagram of sun path is being displayed on the transparent dome simultaneously.

The solar pathfinder works on the principle of reflection thus it can use during any time of the day, year disregarded of the weather conditions.

How to find the true north for solar panel installation

The magnetic compass does not normally point towards the true North Pole, in fact usually points towards the angle of east or west of true north (geographic). The direction at which the needle of the compass points us called the magnetic north so the angle that lies between the magnetic north and the true north is known as the magnetic declination.

So the direction of the needle clearly explains the true north for solar panel installation.

What is a solar inverter?

Solar inverters play a very vital role in the solar energy system and are known to be the brains of the project. Disregarded of the size of the power plant inverter has equal importance in both the residential and utility plants. The inverter is placed to invert the DC output (direct current) into the alternating current. The alternating current is used by all the commercial appliances; therefore, inverters are viewed as the gateway between the PV system and the off-taker of energy.

Different types of solar panels in India

The increase in the electricity cost and the fall in solar panels price supported by the government policies have made the solar panels system very famous in different parts of India.

Below is describes the major companies producing different types of solar panels in India.

  • Tata BP Solar; It is a joint venture between BP Solar and the Tata power company. Tata Company is the biggest and the oldest manufacturer of solar panels in India. The company has 84 MW solar cell manufacturing facility which is capable of 125mm2 and 156mm2 mono and multi-crystalline processing. This company has a 125 MW module manufacturing facility and it is the largest facility in Asia. This company offers major range LED and LED lights of Solar lighting solutions.
  • Moser Baer; it is one of the leading technology companies of India. This company established the photovoltaic manufacturing business in 2005 which has the goal of providing solar power as the reliable and competitive source of energy. Thin film modules and multi-crystalline modules and cells are the main products of this company.
  • Solar Semiconductor; It is an international organization offering PV solutions, services and products around the globe. It is the manufacturer of PV modules and cells, this company has 195 MW manufacturing capacity. It has a range of complete system kits, PV solutions, products, modusles, and cells for grid connected and for off-grid applications. It also has a capacity to generate silicon-based solar cells in India.
  • Indo-solar; it is one of the leading manufacturer PV cells in India. It has a capacity of 360 MW. It also has the ability to produce multi and monocrystalline cells.
  • Top sun solar; it is the solar power solutions manufacturer in India as well as around international markets .it has a latest technology manufacturing unit established created through research and development facilities in solar solutions.


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